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Many believe that copper is the first metal to be discovered. Here are the most common and useful uses of copper.

The Most Common Uses of Copper

Many believe that copper is the first metal to be discovered. Gold and silver may be more popular and idolized, but copper’s uses and advantages can’t be overlooked. In recent times, industries now make more use of copper in manufacturing products.

The Best Things About Copper 

Copper possesses excellent electrical and heat conductivity. Little wonder most transformers, electrical wires, and electronics are produced from copper. Silver is a better conductor of electricity but has low heat resistance, giving copper an upper hand.

Copper is a flexible metal, so it can be easily stretched and molded without breaking.

The best property of this metal is its eco-friendliness due to its recyclability. Copper can always be used in one way or another, so it is hardly ever a waste.

Copper can break down and destroy certain bacteria. This effect is known as oligodynamics. So, copper possesses antibacterial properties and is beneficial to human health.

What Can It Be Used For?

Copper metal is used in making many products either entirely or partly. It is used for many reasons, including durability, cost, and rust resistance. As a result, copper is used in many things most people do not even know. The most common uses include the following:

Kitchen and Bathroom Equipment

Copper can be stretched into thin sheets used as tables and countertops. Its oligodynamic quality makes it safe and valuable for making kitchen counters and other health-sensitive surfaces. 

In addition, it is used in the production of kitchen sinks and bathtubs. Copper tubs are excellent choices because they don’t rust easily, and their oligodynamic property makes them healthier than other options. The numerous benefits of copper tubs give you a healthier and more satisfying life.

Electrical Wires

The most common use of copper is making electrical wires and appliances. Copper is very conductive and safe because it handles heat and high electric voltage well, so it doesn’t easily get burnt. An excellent earthing system in your home’s wiring made of copper can save lives if lightning strikes. This is because copper is a fantastic lightning conductor. 

Water Pipes

Copper is also often used to make water pipes. Its antibacterial property helps filter the water and prevents any form of contamination. Drinking badly contaminated water is one sure way of contracting a serious illness that could lead to death. Using pipes that are made of copper is a very important way to prevent water contamination.

Roofing Sheets

Copper can be stretched to make roofing sheets. It is a good option because it lasts longer without rusting, and it looks superb. However, note that it is expensive compared to the regular roofing sheets. If you can bear the cost, it is arguably the best option for your roofing sheets.


The statue of liberty is covered with about 80 tons of copper, giving it its moody green age and wear color. This color comes about from years of subtle change. Many other statues and sculptures have been made using copper too, and a close look at them will show such changes.


Copper sulfate is a vital ingredient in the formation of fungicide and pesticides used on farms to fight slugs and other pests on the farm. It also helps fight copper deficiency in the soil and improve its fertility. In addition, copper sulfate can be included in the feeds of pigs and oven broilers to aid in growth stimulation.


Copper has been comfortably used for years in forming alloys with other metals. An alloy is a mixture of two different metals. For example, brass is a mixture of copper and zinc, and bronze is a mixture of copper and tin. 

An alloy is made to improve and increase the uses and capacities of the metals involved. Copper, which has been in use since the early days, is a significant element in alloy making and has been used to make numerous new metals that are highly beneficial to man.

Musical Instruments

Copper is rust-resitant, pleasing to the eye, and sonorous. Therefore, its alloy with zinc to make brass is very useful for musical instruments like trumpets and tubas. Brass, a category of wind instruments that uses the vibrations from the user slips to make sound, is a big name in the music industry.


Copper is very durable and has a unique reddish-brown color that makes it suitable for jewelry-making. In time past, those who could not afford gold went for copper to adorn themselves. But in present days, even the rich adorn themselves with jewelry that is a mixture of gold or silver with copper for a classic look.

Handwork Tools

In a hazardous environment such as a plant where flammable and explosive materials are produced, it is highly advised to use non-sparking hand tools made from an alloy of copper and titanium. Such tools are free from Beryllium, a chemical element dangerous to the environment and humans when disposed of. They are also non-magnetic, durable, and highly hard.


Copper is used in preserving woods from destructive insects like termites and other elements that can easily destroy them. Copper, in its compound form, is used for these. In the leather industry, it is useful for tanning and also for dying leather.

Advantages of Copper to Health

Copper affects our health directly or indirectly whether used in a copper bathtub, sink, staircase railing, jewelry, among other things.

Apart from destroying bacterial organisms, copper is very useful in food. According to research, other benefits of copper tubs include developing blood vessels and bones. When you take a hot bath in a copper tub, the properties in it will help you relax better, lower your blood pressure, and refresh your bones and muscles. In addition, people have testified that they sleep better after they soak in a copper bathtub.

Using a copper soaking tub regularly helps to reduce inflammation such as rheumatism and arthritis. This is possible because each time you contact the tub, your body absorbs a small amount of copper. The best part is that you will not experience digestive side effects, as is common with most anti-inflammatory drugs. 

Most skin care products contain copper, so using a copper bathtub daily helps moisturize your skin, cure irritation, heal wounds, and improve skin texture. In addition, the hair is not left out because when you soak your body thoroughly, your hair follicles also absorb copper and experience healthier growth.


Generally, copper is valuable to us in different aspects of life. As discussed in this article, there are many advantages of using it, but one that stands out is the copper tub. It might be on the high side, money-wise, but it’s an excellent investment.

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