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Pet beds are crucial to your cat or dog getting a good night's sleep. Discover which pet beds are most comfortable here.

Comfortable beds for your beloved pets

Our pets are members of our family and it is important for them to have their own places to be as comfy as possible. You want to make sure the pet beds we get are up to our standards for our pets. Our pets deserve beds that are comfortable because they do a lot of sleeping and napping throughout the day.

One of the most comfortable beds you can buy is made by Cordaroys and your pet will thank you for it. The products are made with extra stuffing for added support for your pet. You can take the stuffing out or add more as necessary to reach your pets maximum comfort level. 


This pet bed is available in two diameters. You can choose 30 inches for smaller pets and 40 inches for larger pets. The beds have extra stuffing so they are 10 inches thick when it is delivered. You can add or remove stuffing to customize to your pet’s specific weight and size.

Each bed is custom made when you order. That way you can be sure that the bed is made with love. You can expect the bed to ship within 5 to 15 days depending on the size you order.


The design of this bed is super simple while staying classic. It is a simple round bed that makes curling up and snuggling down perfect for your pet. There are several different colors offered including kiwi, Cabernet, indigo, grape, salmon, and signature corduroy. You can pick a color that fits your room perfectly.

The fabric is high quality and not easy to rip. This is great for pups who tend to chew on anything they can sink their teeth into. It will hold up well for a long time. The outer cover is also removable so you can machine wash it for easy cleaning.

The outside zippers are extra long YKK zippers made in America. It runs halfway around the outside of the cover so removing it to put it in the wash is super easy. 

Interior Lining

The interior lining is durable and includes a child-safe zipper. This keeps kids out while still allowing adult access if necessary. This might be because your pet wants more or less filling for a softer or firmer sleeping experience. After the bed has been used for a while, you might want to replace the stuffing completely. 

The stuffing is made out of polyurethane foam, which is the same comfy material that pole vaulters fall onto after they jump over the pole. Your pet will thank you for their incredible comfortable, soft, and durable new bed. 


If you want your pet to have a super comfy bed to sleep in and take the best naps in, consider buying them a bed from Cordaroys. The bed is customizable to their exact preferences, and it is nice to look at for you! Your pet will love the bed you purchase for them and they will thank you for it!

Each bed is made custom when you order it. You can expect your pet’s bed to be shipped to you within 5 to 15 days depending on what size bed you order. There is also a lifetime warranty, protecting the pet bed if anything would happen to it. 

The foam that make up the interior of these beds are 100% polyfoam and won’t compress over time. That means your pet’s bed will always be as comfortable as the day you bought it. The cover also comes off really easy so you can wash it if there is an accident. 

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