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If you've been living under a rock then you're probably unaware of the craziest celebrity breakups this year. Here are some of the most shocking.

The Biggest Celebrity Breakups of 2021

Elon Musk and Grimes:

According to the reports, Singer Grimes and Billionaire Elon Musk are not more with each other. It’s been heard that they are “semi separated” and are still in love with each other and meet frequently. They both also share a one-year-old baby. 

They met each other first in May 2018 at Met Gala when Grimes was 33 and Musk was 50. It’s almost the fourth separation of Elon Musk. The reason behind finishing an almost three years old relationship is their commitment and loyalty to their work.

Scott Disick and Amelia Hamlin:

That’s a wrap on the 20-year-old model and the 38-year-old reality star. Yes, we are talking about Amelia Gray Hamlin and Scott Disick, who have an 18 year age difference. Many resources have confirmed that they broke up after less than a year of dating. 

According to the hidden reports, it is reported that Amelia Gray Hamlin was the one who ended all the things. They first met at the Kendall Jenner birthday party, and that was the time they were romantically linked. They also posted some pictures of their romantic date a few weeks before, but eventually, things went wrong.

Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook:

After three years of marriage, the big bang theory actor Kaley Cuoco and her husband Karl Cool have separated their ways. They got married in a ceremony at a horse stable near San Diego on 30 June 2018 in a private gathering. It is seen on their Instagram account that they celebrated their third year anniversary this June. In a joint statement, they said that they had separated their ways with a lot of respect for each other. They added that we should take care of our privacy and respect your decision.

Pete Davidson and Phoebe Dynevor:

Bridgerton star of age 26, and the Saturday night comedian of age 27 are broke up. The reason behind their breakup is the long-distance relationship. Recently, Pete Davidson is shooting for this next romantic comedy with co star Kaley Cuoco while Phoebe Dynevor is shooting for a Netflix series in England. 

The couple made their first public appearance in July. It’s also noticed by fans that they both wear the same necklace. Their relationship lasted only four months, and they never confirmed their romance. They care a lot for not being the topic of internet buzzing. In fact, they never share their pictures on their Instagram account or walk on a red carpet with each other.

Kanye West and Irina Shayk:

Kanye West and Irina Shayk have called it an end to their relationship. According to one source, it was never that serious a relationship. The model of age 35 and 44-year-old rapper has reportedly separated their ways after only two months of dating. 

Another source reports that Kanye is focusing on his kids and is very busy. He doesn’t have enough time to date anyone. The rumours of their breakup were also raised last month. Shayk was not happy about this. 

They made their first public appearance this June while celebrating the 44th birthday of the rapper in France. They also had a good time in New York a few weeks earlier. According to the reports, a month before their breakup, they planned to date long distances. The ex-wife of West, Kim Kardashian, was also aware of his husband’s relationship at the time of the birthday celebration.

Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish:

Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish are also one of the biggest celebrity breakups in 2021. It is unfortunate news for their fans as they call it an end after almost eight years of their marriage. 

The famous director of age 50 and the star of the Blue crush of age 30 announced their breakup by posting on Instagram their respective accounts with the black and white couple kissing pictures. They wrote a heavy and emotional caption under it, which was basically a joint statement as it was signed “Kate + Michael. 

They met before in 2011 when the polish was directing a movie in which he casts Bosworth. After dating for two years, they decided to get married in 2013, 31 August. They mentioned in their breakup post that the beginning of their love was unforgettable. They also revealed that they are shooting for another project together.

Scooter Braun and Yael Cohen:

 After almost seven years of marriage, Scooter Braun and Yael Cohen are divorced now. According to the reports, the wife filed for divorce this July. It is reported that they are still living together as kids, but the scooter lives alone. 

They got married in Canada in July 2014. Braun and Cohen have three kids together. They introduced their first kid in February 2015, second child Levi in November 2016, and the third one Hart in December 2018. 

La La Anthony and Baltimorean Carmelo:

Almost after 16 years of togetherness, we have to announce that La La Anthony and Baltimorean Carmelo are no more with each other. It is reported that La La Anthony was the one who filed for divorce to end her marriage. They filed for divorce in the Manhattan Supreme court. 

According to the reports, they requested for petition after they separated and then patch-up and then again breakup. They will take care of their 14-year-old son together on friendly terms. It is also heard that they will remain friends and will share a great bond as co-parents. They also wanted their divorce process to remain smooth for the good of their son.

Liam Payne and Maya Henry:

Sources have confirmed that the beautiful pair Liam Payne and Maya Henry call it to quit after almost ten months of engagement. According to reports, Liam Payne blames himself for the divorce. In this podcast of Diary of a CEO, he said that he is not that good at relationships. They got engaged in August 2020. The ring of Maya Henry’s engagement from Payne is worthed $4M!

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