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Celebrities New Craze: Meet IRON HOUSE, The Luxury Home Gym Design Firm

The demand for home gyms have taken a new turn thanks to a pivot towards bigger, more rural and suburban lifestyles that accelerated during the pandemic. One company that stands out in this field is IRON HOUSE DESIGN, a luxury home gym design pioneer. Now, celebrities have caught onto the trend too and many have become obsessed with these latest concepts in Luxury Home Gym Design. 

Traditionally, the demand for gym equipment came from commercial gyms, hotels, and offices. But now, given that the home gym market has experienced a rise in popularity, personalization is ever more important. More people are now interested in exercising from home, and as a result, new businesses have emerged.  


IRON HOUSE was founded by husband and wife duo Tanya and Jim Ryno. Tanya is a former producer of Saturday Night Live and Jim is a celebrity personal trainer. Tanya’s experience managing filming and shooting schedules has given her the managerial and organizational experience necessary to handle the demands of construction and design work. In addition to this, she has a Bachelor of the Arts which she obtained from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Jim’s expertise in the field of fitness and fitness equipment turn good home gyms into great ones. Jim is also a contributor to a best-selling book, “Total Abs

The couple first tried their hand at design when one of Jim’s clients asked him to design a gym for their home. He enlisted Tanya and the two found a passion for design in general and designing luxury home gyms in particular. Tanya saw a gap in the market as there were no other firms operating in the field of luxury home gym design. The duo decided to capitalize on this and as a result, IRON HOUSE DESIGN was born. 

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IRON HOUSE: Their Philosophy and Their Designs

IRON HOUSE as a company is laser focused on delivering on three core values. These values are: orientation around customer service, high-end wellness design and consulting for high-end clientele and skill in designing luxury home gyms. Once Tanya left the television industry she was able to focus her time on growing and developing the company. Since then, she has been able to successfully foster the brand through the principle of simplicity and the infusion of her many talents and creative endeavors. 

Tanya’s time as a producer in the television industry has given her the experience she needs to make sure that projects stay on time and do not go over budget. She does not let a single detail go unnoticed. The company has an office in New Jersey and the team builds on Tanya and Jim’s passion for design. Their portfolio spans both sides of the US and they have also done work abroad as well. As the team predominantly designs for residential clients, attention to detail is vital. Tanya considers this a hallmark of her artistic trade.

Tanya knows how important a personal touch is in a home gym. As a result, a personal touch has become a trademark of their style as a company. This takes many different forms and each client she works with will have something unique which makes their home gym uniquely theirs. Tanya takes care of most of the business and design dies of the business while Jim takes care of the fitness aspect of the design of each gym. He ensures that each home gym has the right, high-quality equipment which will suit the needs of the particular client. Jim exhibits a high-level of attention to detail in both his work as a trainer and as a designer. He has a strong work ethic and he brings this to every project which he works on.  

Hugely popular also in Hollywood

It was indeed surprising to see the geographical uptake as it is a nationwide service. Whereas New York penthouses and countryside residences were originally imagined as a prime target, the phenomenon quickly spread nationwide. As Jim says: “Although we want to make gyms available to every home where people want to live healthy, much of our uptake came from HNWI and celebrity clients. We appreciate their business and treat it with the confidentiality it deserves”. 

Final Thoughts

The Ryno Brand and by extension, IRON HOUSE DESIGN caters to a high-profile and celebrity clientele. Aside from their expertise in the field of design and fitness, they also have exclusive partnerships with custom equipment manufacturers from across the globe to be able to provide their clients with rare, bespoke equipment. They plan to expand their brand further into the wellness and lifestyle markets. While they work and design in New Jersey, they are often flown all over the US to work on projects in other states. The company offers a complete package for home gym design and enjoys collaborating with other companies whenever possible. 

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