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Smoke your way into summer on a tasty high! Here are the best Hyde vape flavors to try when you want to find a delicious way to relax your mind.

Best Hyde Vape Flavors 2022

Vaping is big business these days, and even people who have never smoked tobacco are taking up this enjoyable pastime. With such a wide choice of brands and devices it can be difficult to make a decision when you are looking to try something different. So, we want to help by telling you about Hyde Vape, a brand that is taking the vaping world by storm.

Hyde is all about flavored vapes, which are enjoyed especially by younger vapers, so what are they all about? We’ll start by explaining what flavored vapes are and then talk about our three favorite flavors from the Hyde vapes range.

hyde vape flavors

What are Flavored Vapes?

The full range of Hyde Flavors is probably the most comprehensive of any brand. What exactly are flavored vapes? These vape pens are usually disposable items. They come pre-filled with e-liquid that is specially flavored. The choice of flavors is innovative and in the Hyde examples there are some truly original flavor ideas.

There are also different models of Hyde Flavors vape pens, and they all offer a lot of use from the single-usage device. This is a cheap and convenient way of enjoying your vaping without the time spent on maintenance and refilling. Let’s have a look at our three favorite Hyde vape pens and flavors.

hyde vape flavors

Our 3 Favorite Hyde Flavors

The great thing about a regulated market is that safe vaping is guaranteed when you stick with the established licensed brands. There has been some controversy over flavored vapes, but the simple fact is these Hyde vapes are made to strict quality standards and are guaranteed safe. So, what are our chosen products from the Hyde range? Let’s have a look!

hyde vape flavors

Hyde I.D. Philippine Mango

Now earlier we did say that there were some original flavors among the Hyde range. This is certainly one of them! Mango is a wonderfully fruity taste that is lovely to behold, and that comes with a nice aftertaste that we really love. The combination of fruit flavor and freshness makes this a popular choice.

The Hyde I.D. model is a cheap way of getting into vaping and provides 4500 puffs in its disposable cartridge. This rechargeable model makes for great value for money and is also a funky and neat design. In addition to this flavor there are more than 20 others to choose from, so you have a guarantee of finding a flavor you will appreciate.

hyde vape flavors

Hyde Rebel Pro Sour Apple Ice

The Hyde Rebel Pro is one of the brand’s best sellers, and that’s possibly down to the fact it provides 5000 puffs before you need to buy another one. That’s a great capacity for such a compact and neatly designed vape pen. The flavors are again comprehensive, yet we’ve chosen sour apple ice because it combines a fresh aftertaste with an enjoyable vape cloud flavor.

hyde vape flavors

Hyde N-Bar Strawberry Ice Cream

With 4500 puffs from a rechargeable device that is as compact and near as you will find anywhere, the Hyde N-Bar is a popular choice of rechargeable disposable vape pen that comes in a great variety of flavors. We love the strawberry ice cream because, well, everybody loves strawberry ice cream! The flavor is superbly replicated, and you get a wonderful fruity and fresh taste from every drawer, and if you want to try other flavors you have more than twenty extra to choose from!

We hope we’ve given you an idea of what the Hyde brand is all about, and we recommend you try one of their products and enjoy your vapes to the full!

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