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Ready to try something new? Discover the best of Geek Bar flavours to share with your friends as you learn more about the adventures of vaping!

Best Geek Bar Flavours

As the vape market steadily steps forward, more and more different types of vape products surge into the market, as well as more new consumers which include a large number of new vapers. It is a confusing situation for a new vaper faced with so many different types of vape products to choose from. 

Let’s put it in this way, as a new vaper, you may not know which vape brand or vape shop is trustworthy, you may not know what type of vape product fits you best, you may not know which nicotine strength and e-liquid to pick. Therefore, here I am (or here you are). I would like to share the best flavours of Geek Bar disposable vapes for experienced vapers and novices as a reference. 

Established in 2015, GEEK BAR is an e-cig brand, known for its disposable vape devices, which have been meticulously crafted with love for adults who desire to vape smarter. As more adult vapers are finding that disposables provide a satisfying vape experience, GEEK BAR desires to offer vapers a great tasting, convenient, easy-to-use, pocket-friendly vape.

geek bar flavours

Best Flavours of GEEK BAR 575 Puffs Disposable Vape


2% Nic Salt pre-filled juice for real & smooth taste

Solid Throat hit with deep satisfaction

Fashion Design with comfortable hand feeling

Various delicious flavors are available

Battery: 500mAh inbuilt battery

Pod capacity: Pre-filled with 2ml vape juice

Puffs: ≥575 Puffs

Inhale activated

Pocket Friendly

22+ flavors


geek bar flavours

GEEK BAR 575 disposable vape has a unique and vigorous exterior design-crystal clear outer shell and food grade material tube, the mouthpiece and the body are integrated as a whole. GEEK BAR 575 disposable vape is a good choice for vapers to carry not only results of its portability but also outstanding design. 

Pre-filled with 20mg nicotine strength of 2ml vape juice and powered by a 500mAh inbuilt battery, GEEK BAR 575 disposable vape provides up to 575 puffs which is equivalent to about 40 cigarettes. 

GEEK BAR 575 disposable vape also features in satisfying throat hit, mass cloud, and strong fragrance. There are over 22 mouthwatering different flavors of vape juice for vapers to choose from.

geek bar flavours


Geek berg, as the particular name implies, this flavor is made from a particular formula: aniseed, menthol, and mixed berries. Definitely, this is the flavor that once you tried and you’ll never forget. The full aroma of the aniseed and refreshing fragrance of mixed berries along with the cooling note of menthol bring you the extraordinary vaping experience.

Lemon tart, the particular fragrant aroma and the refreshing sour taste of lemon, is attractive enough, now a creamy and sweet dessert taste is mixed with lemon, enjoy the tangy fragrance and delicious taste that lemon dessert brings.

geek bar flavours

Best Flavours of Geek bar Lite Disposable Vape


Battery: 350mAh (internal)

Display: LED on the base of the device

E-liquid capacity: 1.8ml (TPD)

E-liquid strength: 2% (TPD) Nicotine Salt E-liquid

Coil resistance: Not specified

Pre-filled (not refillable)

Sealed – not rechargeable

Organic cotton wicking

400 puffs stated device life

geek bar flavours

As the name implies, GEEK BAR Lite is the “lite” version of GEEK BAR. GEEK BAR Lite comes with pre-refilled 2% nicotine strength of 1.8ml vape juice with a 350mAh battery. GEEK BAR Lite disposable device is smaller than the typical versions but still remains in a sleek exterior. It uses the FDA certificated shell with fashion design. 

And the GEEK BAR Lite Disposable Vape can bring you more than 400 puffs. Featuring constant output and a consistent taste system, the GEEK BAR Lite Disposable Vape will bring you dense clouds and amazing flavour. Shortly, if you merely want to give it a try, the GEEK BAR Lite is a perfect choice since it’s simple, small, convenient, and cost-effective.

geek bar flavours


Guava Ice: As one of the typical tropical fruits, guava always impresses you in its particular way-creamy sweet but refreshing sour taste. Guava Ice not only brings you the enthusiastic feeling and creamy flavor but also leaves strong cooling mint in your mouth and throat with every vape.

Blueberry: Blueberry is always on the top choice of our fruit salad menu for its sweet and sour taste, so does the vape juice. You can smell the tangy blueberry aroma even without vaping, whereas when you take a puff, the particular refreshing sour & sweet taste quickly covers your taste buds, then leave a wandering fragrance in your mouth.

Strawberry Ice Cream, it is exactly what this tastes of. Also, one of my favourite sweet and cooling ice-creams so as you can tell this one is a winner with me! I do get is an almost sherbet-like sensation on my tongue whilst inhaling and exhaling. This is not a pure strawberry, like eating the fruit, this is more of a recreation that you would find in an ice cream shop. However, it is not overpowering or synthetic tasting and is easily an all-day vape.

geek bar flavours

Best Flavours of Geek Bar Vampire Vape 575 Puffs Disposable Vape


Crystal Clear Outer Shell

High-Quality Organic Cotton

500mAh High voltage battery

2ml 2% Salt Nicotine

575 puffs – Equivalent to about 48 cigarettes

Stylish design

TPD Compliant

geek bar flavours

A joint product made by GEEK BAR and Vampire Vape. Vampire Vape is famous for its smooth and authentic vape juice, so Geek Bar Vampire Vape 575 Puffs disposable pod vape has a smooth taste e-liquid and a geek’s outlook. 

Powered by a 500mAh battery and pre-filled with 2ml 2% salt nicotine vape juice, Geek Bar Vampire Vape 575 Puffs Disposable Pod Vape reaches up to 575 puffs – Equivalent to about 48 cigarettes and it has 10 stylish flavors for vapers to choose, a 50/50 recipe of vape juice with 20mg nicotine strength would bring vapers a smooth and satisfying MTL vaping experience.

geek bar flavours


All Day Grape: Geek Bar and Vampire Vape with their All Day Grape disposable vape, wonderfully juicy notes of black grapes that will tantalize your taste buds that is paired with a ripe fruit taste upon the exhale creating a tantalizing vape experience that is perfectly sized in a convenient puff bar, a deliciously satisfying vape experience with every puff!

Blood Sukka: Blood Sukka disposable vape, crammed with sweet red cherries blended expertly with freshly-picked fruit and berries from an enchanted forest. The fruity taste is then subtly enhanced with sweet eucalyptus and aniseed creating a tantalizing vape experience that is perfectly sized in a convenient puff bar.

geek bar flavours

Final Thoughts

After knowing the above great flavours manufactured by Geek Bar, you may wonder where to buy the qualified Geek Bar disposable vapes. Vaping Wholesale is a trustworthy vape wholesale shop to buy Geek bar wholesale disposable puff bars at favourable prices with high quality. Why should you choose a reliable supplier? 

Because in the massive vape market, there are a number of unqualified counterfeit products that may contain additional harmful chemicals(e.g diacetyl that may cause popcorn lung) and ingredients in the vape juice, and a qualified vape shop ONLY offers certified products that preserve consumers right and health to a large extent.

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