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Gambling movies always have inherent drama as they are always about risk. Here are the best blackjack movies ever.

Best Blackjack Movies Ever

Gambling movies always have inherent drama as they are always about risk. Blackjack has evolved with time, but it’s well recognized because its rules are easy to know from the start, while advanced strategy can be developed as experience grows. This makes it a popular component amongst casino-themed films.

Over the years, the best online pokies have invested in the development of technology and has opened an avenue for the game to become more popular as players can now gamble online from the comfort of their devices.

Movie producers have adopted casino-related movies. While some are fiction based, many draw inspiration from factual incidents. 

There have been some Blackjack-related movies, and only the best can make this list. They are;

Jinxed (1982)

Based on the novel titled The Edge, the movie portrays how superstitious people can get in the casino. It revolved around a gambler, who is the husband to a casino singer and her secret love affair with a croupier.

He plays Blackjack in a particular casino and always wins whenever a certain croupier is on duty. The croupier also has no explanations for why he always wins when he’s on duty which caused him to lose his job at the casino. Surprisingly, the gambler followed him to his new casino because he considered the croupier as his good luck charm. The croupier fell in love with the gambler’s wife and both conspired to kill him to break the jinx to complicate matters.

Don Siegel directed this masterpiece while Bette Midler, Ken Wahl, Rip Torn played lead roles.

21 (2008)

A Robert Luketic directed crime drama, 21, is premised on the true-life story of a young and gifted college student, starred by Jim Sturgess, who couldn’t afford the tuition fee for a scholarship he got accepted for. With his incredible ability with maths, his MIT maths professor invited him to join his covert Blackjack team. He went ahead to train them on how to properly count cards so they can make a fortune in Las Vegas casinos. 

Things went well in the beginning as they successfully implement their tricks and recorded a huge financial windfall. This also came with a different lifestyle and troubles. Unluckily, greed led to the downfall of the team. 

Rain Man (1988)

Considered one of the best Blackjack movies, this Barry Levinson piece of art centred around two entirely different brothers, Charlie and Raymond. After they lost their father, Charlie was shocked to find out he had a mentally unstable brother who appeared during the settling of the estate to inherit $3 million while he was left with next to nothing. 

Charlie is a professional salesman who imports exotic cars for resale to local millionaires. His problems began when the cars he imported no longer met emission regulations and this made him run into debt. This made him decide to go to Vegas with his brother, whose mental condition gave him the ability to count cards better than an average person. They made enough money to cover the debt and returned home with extra. Dustin Hoffman, Tom Cruise and Valeria Golino played key roles in this masterpiece.



Blackjack is an interesting game that movie makers enjoy incorporating into their storylines. Some of these movies can help novices in their journey. If you are contemplating playing blackjack and searching for some helpful online advice, there are plenty of online game guides for learners that can help you.

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