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Blackjack is one of the most popular card games in the world. Find out how the card game has changed over the years.

How Blackjack Has Changed Over the Years

A more fitting title for this would be “the history of blackjack”. That makes sense. Still, truth to be told, it would not be a complete analysis without the origins of the game. That aspect has eluded expert historians and even avid gamblers for too long. There is still very little information available on where blackjack came from.

All we have is a ton of speculation. The most notable one is that the game began its journey in France. Games that inspired it can be traced even farther back. Another theory states that blackjack was a Roman invention. Since we cannot confirm any of that, we can fall back to the next best thing when it comes to the game’s journey. That is, looking into how it has changed or evolved over the years.

18th Century Blackjack

While blackjack may have been invented much earlier, the game first made its way to America in the 18th century. This was all thanks to the French colonists. The version that later evolved to the blackjack we know and love was mainly based on the French game Vingt-et-un. Its name translates to “twenty-one” and it was a very popular game back in those days. That was because it was a game of skill, not just luck.

19th Century Blackjack

As blackjack was beginning to pick up pace in the United States, its popularity dwindled significantly in France, its place of origin. The country’s ban on various gambling activities stifled any hopes for further development. This, in turn, allowed America to steer the growth of the game. It was during this century that we saw the very first legalized and house-banked blackjack games. At the same time, lots of people were still enjoying non-legal player-banked games in other parts of the continent.

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20th Century Blackjack

When this century rolled around, blackjack was still going by the moniker “21” in Nevada where it began its American journey. However, the 20th century marked a lot of great changes for the game much as it did for the casino industry. It was during this century that the game’s name officially changed to Blackjack. The rules that governed the game also shifted and some of those changes still apply to modern-day blackjack.

This century also marked the first applications of advanced computer technology in blackjack. At first, it was all about helping people play better. It eventually evolved and technology became an integral part of the blackjack experience. That is what ushered in the blackjack that we all now know and love.

If you're a fan of online blackjack, and live in Canada, we have plenty of resources to help you find the best website to play on.

Modern-Day Blackjack

Moving into the 21st century, online gambling was already very big. With the internet, the game exploded once again not just in the United States but in many parts of the world as well. At first, the only version of blackjack that was available to online gamblers was the standard or classic version of the game. Not for long though.

One of the best things about the casino industry is just how dynamic it is. New formats and ways of playing casino games always come up. Blackjack benefited greatly from this. Today, there are many different blackjack games. These have unique features and very distinct gameplay features. The rules also vary from one game to the next. It is up to the player to pick the one that best suits them.

These massive shifts also spawned live casino games. It was the perfect way to give players the best of both worlds with regards to accessing the brick-and-mortar and online gambling experiences. The best online blackjack sites now offer several live dealer games that are streamed in high-definition through high-speed networks.

Blackjack Trends to Keep an Eye On

If all the above changes are anything to go by, the evolution of blackjack and the entire gambling ecosystem is far from over. We are already enjoying the fruits of centuries worth of improvements and developments which makes you wonder what’s next. As it turns out, we can get a glimpse of where the sector is headed by looking at some of the trends that are slowly shaping our blackjack experiences.

  • Blockchain and Digital Currencies

Perhaps the most notable trend is blockchain and digital currencies. These technologies have had a decade to evolve and are now taking the world by storm. The casino industry did not hesitate to leverage what they had to offer. Blackjack players can now enjoy playing provably fair games thanks to blockchain. They can also make fast, low-cost, and very reliable payments using various cryptocurrencies.

  • VR, AR, AI, and Machine Learning

Live dealer blackjack games also seem to be ready to take the next step forward. The rise of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have shown that players are about to experience blackjack differently. Combined with the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, it is safe to say that online blackjack and other casino games are going through the next biggest transformation after the internet.

Are You Ready for The Next Chapter?

All these sound like a lot. That is understandable. Keeping up should not be a problem though. As rapidly as the sector is growing, it is also getting much easier to access information. You can learn all these games and even new formats without breaking a sweat. There are tons of online resources and guides to help you. Even for professionals or real money blackjack players, there are ways of learning new strategies or even strengthening new ones. Just keep playing.

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