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Beatris Khamidullaeva, an extraordinarily talented ballet performer, leads a new generation of dancers. Learn more about her inspirational story.

Beatris Khamidullaeva: An Inspirational Dancing Pedagogue

Beatris Khamidullaeva, an extraordinarily talented ballet performer, leads a new generation of dancers. Her vast experience and deep-rooted love for dance have earned her a place among the most esteemed dance instructors of her generation.

Early Years and Personal Accomplishments

Beatris began dancing at the young age of five years old. After a few years of developing the basics, she went on to study ballet professionally at the age of 11. With over eight years of rigorous training at her local school of dance, Beatris earned her diploma as a professional ballet dancer and teacher for children’s dance groups.

After graduation, Beatris pursued further training in her craft at the Academic Bolshoi Theatre for over two years. During her time here, she graced the stage with performances, including Swan Lake, La Bayadère, Giselle, Don Quixote, Scheherazade, and the Nutcracker.

She performed in major roles in several of these performances, providing her with several opportunities to showcase her incredible range and depth as a ballet dancer.

An Impressive Transition to Teaching

After completing her tenure at the Academic Bolshoi Theatre, Beatris sought to pursue teaching. She landed a position at Nick’s Dance School, where she began to teach ballet to children ages 2-14.

Noticing her wide range of skills, her leadership at the school asked her to expand her teaching to bachata and salsa dancing – a request she humbly accepted and excelled with ease.

Beatris then took her teaching talents to Butterfly Studio, where she taught students in ballet, contemporary, jive, folk stage, and hip-hop dancing to children. She also began to teach adults here, teaching adult classes in body ballet, contemporary, bachata, and salsa dancing.

Beatris takes pride in her approach to teaching. She blends the perfect combination of humor and rigor, ensuring her students develop precise skills while providing an enjoyable experience. Through her application of play-based teaching, even the most hesitant of children have immersed themselves in the world of dance.

Achievements as a Choreographer and Instructor

Beatris has earned several achievements as an esteemed dance instructor. Since she began teaching, her students have excelled in several national and international competitions.

Some of the competitions in which her students placed in high ranks include, “Dance With All Your Heart,” Bi Art Voice Brighter Than the Stars,” “Almaty City Championship,” and “Beauty Made.” Her students earned various rewards in these competitions, such as the Grand Prix and cash prizes across CIS countries.

If you ask Beatris what her greatest achievement is as a dance instructor, she will say it’s seeing her students’ enthusiasm and love for dance. She thrives on seeing them flock to her classes with joy, further sparking her passion for nurturing and inspiring the next generation of professional dancers.

Beatris’ Bright Future

Though Beatris has already accomplished so much, she isn’t stopping here. She remains dedicated to her passion as an instructor.

Going forward, Beatris yearns to continue inspiring children in the world of dance. Her journey from a talented ballet dancer to an esteemed instructor shows her dedication and love for the art form and her fellow dancers. With Beatris at the forefront of the performance world, aspiring dancers are in good hands.

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