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A Country Boy’s Dream: Paige Bauer Gets Paid to Hunt, Fish, & Shoot

At first glance, Paige Bauer is undeniably alluring. The model, influencer, and content creator used social media — primarily the OnlyFans platform — to become a self-made CEO at the helm of a seven-figure business. While Bauer luxuriates in showing off her sexy side, a closer look at her profile reveals a compelling, complex woman beneath her sultry exterior.

“Many people view OnlyFans girls and girls that do sex work in general as people that don’t do anything more than sex work,” the 32-year-old Bauer says. “In the past, people told me that I needed to separate what I like to do for fun from a site or an Instagram page just for OnlyFans content. And I tried that until I realized I felt stripped of who I was.”

Bauer attributes her early success on Only Fans to her ability to connect with people through the truck industry when she moved to her now home, Alabama. When she found her niche, the Michigan native and Air Force veteran finally felt at home in herself and her new state. While she may have limited herself to what she posted and shared in the past, she’s not holding back any longer.

“I’ve always been kind of a sexual person, a sexy image is how I’ve always displayed myself. Now I have my risque photos plus who I am as a person all on one page,” says Bauer.

Her work on social media platforms like OnlyFans makes up only a fraction of the woman behind the content. Bauer is an avid outdoorswoman; her passion for adventurous hobbies like hunting and fishing define her as much as her work, if not more so. For Bauer, Only Fans is a conduit to pursuing the activities she loves.

“It goes without saying that you develop and have different interests as you grow, but I’ve always loved fishing. I’m just picking up on hunting. I love that even more than fishing now. I want the world to see all facets of who I am as a person, not just as an Only Fans girl,” she says.

While risque photos of Bauer clad in lingerie are titillating for her audience, what likely draws people to her the most is her unwavering confidence; Bauer knows who she is and stays true to herself. Visitors from both her country home and her impressive worldwide audience fawn over Bauer’s fitting outfits, like bikinis and cowboy boots, as she puts her hobbies on display.

“OnlyFans allowed me to be more active with hunting, fishing, traveling, and doing things that humble me, keep me grounded, and bring more meaning to my life,” Bauer says. Most recently, Bauer fulfilled a lifelong dream of building a new home — a custom log cabin.

Her new home is a reminder of her perseverance and personal advancement. After she left the service, she entered the corporate world in admin jobs in Tennessee, making just a few dollars more hourly than minimum wage.

“I’m not afraid to post a video or picture showing” who I am. The other day, I just posted a reel that said, ‘I’m not built for this generation of hookup culture. I’m built for the older generation of love and keeping that alive because that’s who I am.’”

For Paige Bauer, representing herself authentically in all of her rugged and rousing glory is not only the key to success but to finding and maintaining her peace.

“If I had never posted my adventures, people would never have ended up on my page. I would be just another girl in lingerie,” Bauer says. “People judge you for everything. So if they judge me, I want them to at least judge me for who I am and not what I do for a living.”

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