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8 Boho Trends Making a Comeback in 2022

Inspired by self-expression and free-spirited energy, boho styles are the perfect marriage of comfort and fashion. With unique patterns, vintage-inspired cuts, and seamless layering, trendy boho clothing is making a comeback in 2022. From the runway to the streets, you can find a bold boho outfit that makes a statement and turns heads. 

If you’re looking for the perfect way to stay on-trend with colorful, comfortable designs, boho fashion may be your new go-to. To help you get inspired, here are eight boho trends making a comeback in 2022. 

1. Peasant tops

A peasant top will truly take you anywhere. They are comfortable and versatile, making them the perfect boho staple piece to have in your wardrobe. Featuring puffy sleeves, a wide neckline, and cuffs, they look good on just about everyone. You can match them easily with any bottoms and the unique patterns will show off your personality. If you are to choose a single boho piece to have on-hand, a colorful peasant top should be the one. 

2. Flared jeans

Made popular in the 1970s, like it or not, flared jeans have certainly made a comeback. The bottoms are currently making waves in boho fashion. From dark denim to a lighter wash, flared jeans are great for everyday wear. Some styles even feature soft pastel colors or fun embellishments. You can wear them with a bright top, retro accessories, and even heels. With so many ways to style, this 2022 trend is likely here to stay!

3. Maxi dresses

Maxi dresses are an effortless choice to give off a luxe vibe and feel comfortable all day. With fun floral patterns, interesting textures, and fun necklines, boho maxi dresses are a great option for anyone wanting to stay stylish on-the-go. They make the perfect travel essential, as you can dress them up or down with just a subtle change in accessories. Simply choose your favorite style and pattern, and you’ll be ready for any adventure. 

4. Crochet tops

Crochet tops are the essence of outdoor music festivals. If boho clothing had a staple style, a crochet knit top would likely be it. With colorful designs and intricate patterns, nearly all versions are diverse. The embroidered accents stand-out in the crowd and are light enough to offer a breath of fresh air on hot summer days. If you haven’t tried the crochet top trend yet, make it the newest boho clothing item in your closet.

5. Fringed jackets

Looking for a subtle way to incorporate boho style into your wardrobe? Fringed jackets are the way to do it! The casual outerwear comes in both leather options or more breathable materials for a look that works during any season. Go for a bold color like pink, or stay simple with a classic brown. You can even add gold embellishments to make the style shine. Simply paired with jean shorts, a boho fringed jacket will upgrade the look in seconds.

6. Harem pants

Harem pants are arguably the most comfortable bottoms you can wear. They feature light, loose fabric and colorful boho patterns and embroidery. Add a simple cropped shirt, and you’re ready for any occasion! Whether going to class, taking an afternoon stroll, or hitting the town for a night out, harem pants will make you feel boho-chic and fabulous. With so many designs, it will be difficult to choose just one pair. 

7. Brimmed hats

Boho clothing also includes versatile accessories. A brimmed hat is the perfect way to add a bit of boho to any look. The style emulates eco-fashion and can make a simple outfit more unique. With feather accents, straw, and neutral tones, a boho brimmed hat is a casual accessory that will help you achieve down-to-earth style with ease. 

8. Gladiator sandals

No outfit is complete without the perfect shoes! Gladiator sandals go with everything, and they’re comfortable enough to wear all day. Strappy details and intricate design make them a unique addition to any outfit. They look great with flared jeans, as well as a colorful skirt or blouse. If eccentric boho clothing is not your style, try gladiator sandals for a nice subtle change!

Ready to try the trends?

With so many boho trends making a comeback this year, you have limitless options to embrace the cool-casual look! Mix and match the various trends, play with patterns, and enjoy the down-to-earth accessories. If you want to incorporate the style more subtly, simple sandals or a peasant top will do. With so many trendy pieces back in style, it’s never been easier to add a flare of boho fashion into your wardrobe.

Boho clothing is likely here to stay, so now’s the best time to add a few of the trend-setting pieces to your wardrobe. Embrace boho-chic and let the texture and patterns speak to your unique personality. After all, the fashion trend was inspired by self-expression!

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