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8 Beauty and Wellness Tricks Everyone Should Know

If you’re a fan of beauty and wellness, you’ve likely learned a few tricks about how to master your routine in less time or with fewer products. As social media booms, you’ve likely found countless hacks on every account you follow. With so many to scroll through, there will never be enough time to try them all. 

To help you narrow down which hacks are well worth it, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best. Whether you need meditation tips, want to learn how to treat razor burn on pubic area, or strive to achieve glowing skin in seconds, there’s a tip for it all. Continue reading to discover eight beauty and wellness tricks to add to your routine!

1. Enhance Makeup With Setting Spray

Setting spray is excellent after you finish applying your makeup, but it’s also a great trick to use during the process! Add a spray to your standard brush or sponge to apply your foundation or powder smoothly. It will also add a subtle glow. You can also use setting spray on an eyeliner brush to turn any eyeshadow into a soft liner! 

2. Get a Glow With Sunscreen

Another trick to achieving Instagrammable glowing skin is adding sunscreen to your skincare routine. After applying your serums and foundation, apply a layer of sunscreen SPF 30 or above. Not only will your skin look youthful, but it will also protect your face from sun damage. The benefits of applying sunscreen will last long after you wash your face at the end of the day!

3. Use a Simple DIY Exfoliator

Exfoliating your skin has many benefits and doesn’t have to cost much! You can use a simple mix of coconut oil and sugar or coffee to make a fantastic scrub. Apply it on your face after cleansing, your body before you shower, and even your pubic area before shaving for smooth, rejuvenated skin! Not only does it rinse away dead skin cells and help you glow, but it also feels incredible.

4. Avoid Makeup Fallout With Tape

If you love shimmer eyeshadow but can’t stand it when it gets under your eyes, adding tape to your routine is the trick! Apply pieces of tape under your eyes before applying the color, and it will catch the residue below your eyes. Once you remove the tape, the makeup will stay flawless, and there’s no need to use any oily remover under your eyes!

5. Line Your Lips in White

A show-stopping trick for lipstick is using a white lip liner before applying your favorite shade. It will help guide you to keep the lipstick within the lines, make the color pop, and add definition. Simply line your lips, apply your favorite bold shade of color, and your lips will instantly stand out. It may seem subtle, but it works!

6. Meditate

Try meditation in the morning if you’re constantly overwhelmed by your busy schedule. It will help you set intentions for the day and give you the time you deserve to breathe. If an extended meditation seems daunting, just five minutes will do the trick! Putting aside time to live in the moment without distraction can significantly reduce stress and set your day up for success. We recommend writing down the time in your planner, so you’ll stick to it and make it routine. 

7. Give Back

Another way to elevate your mood and feel fulfilled is by giving back. Whether you donate a few clothing items to a charity or spend a couple of hours volunteering, there are many ways to give back. Benefitting a cause you care about will not only help others, but it will also feel rewarding and add a new purpose to your life. 

8. Celebrate Every Achievement

A way to boost your overall confidence and sense of self is by celebrating every achievement, big and small. With so much going on in life, it’s easy to feel like you are just going through the same daily routine. By giving yourself a celebration for every achievement, from meeting a deadline to landing your dream job, you’ll better see what you’ve accomplished and the progress in your life!

Ready to Elevate Your Beauty and Wellness Routine?

With this list of eight beauty and wellness tricks, you should feel more than ready to slay your daily routine. Use the tips to make your makeup application more flawless, reduce the time of your morning routine, and increase your sense of purpose. By adding a few simple tricks, you’ll look and feel unstoppable!

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