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7 examples: What Do Celebrities Really Eat

It’s hard to be a superstar when millions of people around the globe are watching every step you take. The true fans take a puzzle picture of their icons and listen to every interview they give. And even look into their plates! Do you ever wonder what celebrities like to eat? And does their menu have something to do with yours? We found the exciting food preferences of 7 famous women! 

Jennifer Aniston

Famous Rachel from “Friends” is a huge fan of Mexican nachos. “The food I love so much that if I dropped it on the floor, I’d eat it anyway, – told an actress in one of her interviews for Self magazine, – I fry the chips myself. Just take a tortilla, cut it into triangles, and throw them in coconut oil”. Sounds like the easiest recipe ever! The most delicious combination is when you deep nachos into guacamole or hummus.

Kate Middleton

From Hollywood heels directly to the royal family kitchen! The Duchess of Cambridge is a fan of fresh and juicy combinations. One of the confident chefs told the secret recipe of her favorite summer salad. You can find the full recipe in the Unimeal healthy blog. You’ll be surprised with this combination – watermelon and avocado! For dessert, Kate prefers sticky toffee pudding. She found the best one in a local British pub called the Old Boot Inn. 


The singer doesn’t have Italian origins, but she’s a huge fan of pasta in all possible variations. At different times she was caught by paparazzi in restaurants eating Italian. In a Vanity Fair magazine profile, Rihanna mentioned that once, she had three half-portions of pasta dishes at one meal: spaghetti Pomodoro with basil, gnocchi, and ravioli. Of course, to maintain a curvy but sexy and slim shape simultaneously, Riri workouts at the gym every day. Sport helps her not to give up her favorite food. This is a working practice! 

Kim Kardashian

If you were not a fan of Kim before, you’d be after these details! Kim is a fan of junk food! The mom of two lost 60 lbs. of baby weight, sticking to the strict Atkins diet. But then she posted on her app the list of favorite fast-food restaurants. “Fast food is def one of my guilty pleasures,” Kardashian writes. “I go very rarely, but OMG, I love it so much when I decide to indulge.”

The celebrity top-listed the best places to order: McDonald’s, Chipotle, In-N-Out Burger, KFC, and Taco Bell. Surprisingly, she didn’t mention Popeyes – crunch and juicy fried chicken bursting with Louisiana flavor. According to the Kardashian family reality show, this restaurant is their favorite “cheat meal” place. 

Gwyneth Paltrow

It’s no secret that Gwyneth Paltrow is a guru of healthy eating. She hucked the system and stays forever young! The actress shares her secrets of beauty and healthy recipes on her website, Goop. According to one of the articles, her best snacks include chicken salad, homemade gluten, and sugar-free seed bars, and spicy cilantro lemonade with a beauty-boosting dose of Vitamin C.

Gigi Hadid

Models eat only greens, drink water, and get energy from the air and sun. This stereotype is only partially true. Of course, staying in good shape is a part of their job, but models are real people, and they like to eat tasty food the same as all of us! Gigi confessed in The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, that her favorite food is hamburgers. Model advises Jimmy and the audience to try famous burgers in New York at JG Melon restaurant. Hadid added that during her first year living in Big city, she became a serious fan of hamburgers and ate 52 of them (yes, she counted!). Do you remember, by the way, how many hamburgers you had last year? 

Blake Lively

“Gossip Girl” star usually starts her day with a glass of fresh water. According to “Vogue 73 Questions,” her favorite breakfast food is eggs benedict with or without the first. Blake also loves baking and often shares recipes and ready-made sweets on her social media. In 2010 She even took a course at the infamous Le Cordon Bleu cooking school in Paris. Her husband Ryan Reynolds affectionately dubbed their home “The Bakery.” 

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