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6 Tips for Hosting a Great Sports Party Any Time of the Year

Hosting a sports watch party may be one of the most exciting ways to gather with like-minded friends and family. With different sports available all year long there is no shortage of games and events to watch so you have plenty of entertaining opportunities. If you are gearing up to host your first sports party or are looking to level up your hosting, read on for 6 tips to create a memorable event, from making sure you purchase UFC tickets to securing enough seating for your crew. 

1. Secure the Right Programming

The number one more important thing you need to do for a sports party is to ensure you have the right programming to access the game or event. Many people have cut the cord with cable and transitioned to streaming only. If you’re one of those people, double-check that you have access to whichever network is airing the game. If you’re getting together for a special event, purchase those UFC tickets in advance so you don’t fumble the night. 

2. Serve Seasonal Drinks

Lend flavors of the season to put together a drink menu that’s exciting for everyone. Keep it simple and serve a pumpkin beer during fall games or a weiss beer for summer events. If you love getting creative with cocktails, play around with seasonal favorites depending on the time of year. If you know you will have sober friends or kids are your parties, don’t forget to offer non-alcoholic beverages as well. There are lots of cocktail recipes that can be made sans alcohol so give that a go to ensure everyone can enjoy tasty flavors. 

3. Plan a Mouthwatering Menu

You can’t have a party without food so to keep people full and having a good time, plan out a menu they won’t forget any time soon. Go the extra mile by using the sport you will be watching as a food feature with a football cake or basketball cheese ball. An appetizer feature is the best way to go for a party so keep that in mind as you are planning. You want people to be able to pick at a variety of food throughout the game. It’s also a good idea to plan how you will serve the food. You don’t want to put it out all at once in case you run out. Plan different dishes to go out at various times throughout the night to keep the party going. 

4. Decorate for the Event

Give your friends and family the wow factor as soon as they step in the door by decorating for the event. Whichever sports game or event you are hosting, find decor that matches the theme. From paper plates and cups to banners and balloons, there are tons of ways you can jazz up your home for the party. Consider inviting a few close friends over early to help you set up to not only get some help but to get the party started a little sooner. 

5. Plan Pregame and Postgame Entertainment

It’s usually pretty rare that guests arrive right when the game starts or leave immediately after it ends (unless it’s a late game or event). You want to be prepared for any pregame and postgame entertainment to keep the party going. It can be as simple as playing music, pulling out board games, or even arranging a contest related to the game (with fun prizes). For events during the summer, set up games outside such as cornhole or volleyball. 

6. Ensure you Have Plenty of Seating

Keeping your guests comfortable is one of the key traits of a good host so you need to make sure you provide enough seating for everyone. This could require some moving around on your part such as moving chairs from your dining room into your living room. You can get a few folding chairs or ask guests to bring a chair if they have one. Another fun idea would be to set up a sleepover-style seating area on the floor equipped with plenty of pillows and blankets for everyone to stay cozy. 


Hosting a sports watch party can be a blast and many times turns into a regular event. It’s a great way to make lasting memories with those close to you. With these tips, you will definitely be on your way to being the talk of your friend group or family as the best place to go for all sports-related events. 

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