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6 Self-Care Hacks to Know for the New Year

Prioritizing your well-being is not optional; it is a must. With a new year approaching, there is no better time than now to commit to practicing better self-care habits. When setting goals for a new year, it is common to think of big, vague goals to achieve. Instead of using that tactic, think smaller. For example, instead of simply saying you want to practice more self-care in the new year, think bigger with specific goals on how you will practice self-care.

To give you some ideas on how to be specific with your goals – from how to treat razor burn on pubic area to using an oil diffuser with calming scents – read on for the best 2023 self-care hacks.

1. How to Treat Razor Burn on Pubic Area

As you tame your pubic area by shaving off any hair, it is common to experience some uncomfortable results. From razor burn to ingrown hairs, it can leave you feeling less than confident and incredibly uncomfortable. Leave behind that grievance in 2023 by practicing better habits to leave your pubic area both smooth and less irritated. 

You are likely following a skincare routine for your face but it’s also a good idea to have a skincare practice for your pubic area. The skin in this area is very sensitive and would benefit from gentle cleansing and exfoliating. With this regular practice, you can reduce razor burn.

2. Stretch All Day Long

Stretching the body before a workout is common but there are many other times of the day when stretching is beneficial for both the body and the mind. Stretching first thing in the morning helps the body wake up and allows you to find rhythm after lying immobile for 7 to 8 hours. Likewise, stretching before bed preps your body for a night of rest.

Stretching has more benefits that can help enliven the body at any time of day. If you are feeling stressed or lacking creativity, taking a moment to stretch your body can help you feel rejuvenated. 

3. Clean Out Your Makeup, Skincare, and Beauty Tools

Beauty products are easy to accumulate over time but most products feature a shelf-life or require regular cleaning. To ensure you don’t use expired or dirty products, clean out your beauty products at least two times this year. Most makeup and skincare products have a shelf-life of 6–12 months. Toss anything that is expired or anything you suspect might be expired and replace it with new products.

When it comes to beauty tools such as makeup brushes or eyelash curlers, clean these items regularly. Once per week is a good schedule to maintain. Cleaning these products will help you maintain healthy skin as using dirty products can result in breakouts. 

4. Practice Gratitude

Reminding yourself about what you are grateful for in life seems simple and it can have a huge impact on your overall mental health. Using a gratitude journal is one of the most effective methods for practicing gratitude. You can use a simple notebook as a journal and reflect each day on what happened that you were grateful for. You can even find guided journals to use with prompts that help you recognize the wonderful things in your life.

Gratitude can happen in the moment as well. If you are feeling stressed or down, take a moment to think about the things in your life that you are grateful for. Focus on it and see how it helps change your mood. You can even get in the habit of recognizing the grateful moments when they happen so you can feel as present as possible. 

5. Exfoliate Your Entire Body

Your skin goes through quite a bit from outside pollutants and harsh weather conditions. Once a week, exfoliate your body from head to toe to feel rejuvenated. Exfoliating removes dead skin cells and opens your pores to get a deep clean. After exfoliating, generously apply moisturizers and oils to leave your skin feeling silky and soft. You will feel luxurious after this practice and can leave you incredibly relaxed.

6. Use an Oil Diffuser

Scents have a powerful way of making you feel a certain way and using an oil diffuser is an excellent way to deliver a soothing fragrance throughout your space. If you want to find more peace within your year or feel truly relaxed in your downtime, consider getting an oil diffuser for your home or office. Essential oils such as lavender, chamomile, eucalyptus, vanilla, sandalwood, or jasmine are comforting. 


Make 2023 the year you put your self-care front and center. Try any or all of these self-care hacks and find the peace you have long desired.

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