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6 Must-Have Items for Every Bachelorette Party

Let’s face it, when our friends get engaged, we often get more excited for the bachelorette than the actual wedding. Don’t worry, that is totally normal. Getting to party non-stop with the bride and her best girlfriends is a sacred ritual that all women look forward to. If you are about to embark on this thrilling right of passage, here are six must-have items that you need to sort out ahead of time.

1. Accessories for the Bride

All the different sashes, crowns and accessories that have “bride” plastered across the front may seem cheesy, but they are absolutely necessary. How else will everyone know to congratulate the bride and buy her free drinks while bar hopping? Plus, it’s part of the fun, so don’t skip out on this one for fear of it being too cliché. Bachelorettes are all about the cheesy and cliché so just lean into it and have some fun! Depending on where your bride is having her bachelorette, you’ll have an endless amount of accessories to adorn her with. Customized sunglasses and embroidered floppy hats are great if you are in Miami or hitting the beach on your trip, and sparkly cowboy hats and boots are great for a Nashville bachelorette. The options really are endless so have fun and pick out some things that you know your bride will love.

2. Accessories for the Crew

Not only does the bride need to adorn herself with fun bachelorette attire, but her crew also needs to look the part. This one is a little easier as once you choose the bride’s accessories, you can pick pieces for the crew that will coordinate with her. Essentially, anything that she has in white, you can get a variation of in another color for the crew. Choose her favorite color or a color that coordinates with her wedding theme and have them embroidered or screen printed with something like “bridesmaids” or “bride tribe”. This also helps to keep the crew together as you venture out for drinks and chaos in the evenings.

3. Themed Outfits

If you are going on a trip or bachelorette weekend, there is likely going to be some sort of dress code for each day/night. This is often decided by the bride or her maid of honor and will be shared with the rest of the bachelorette crew ahead of time. Some brides want to do a night where the crew is in black and she is in white. Or she may want to do a full white night where everyone does all white clothing and she does something bold like pink or red, or you may have a neon night or a more specific themed night. Either way pay attention to the agenda ahead of time so you know exactly what to pack. The bride probably has a vision for how she wants everyone to look in pictures so don’t be the one to mess this up!

4. Photo Set-Up

Wherever you are staying, you are going to want to set up a designated photo area. The maid of honor usually will arrive ahead of time to decorate and set up the location before the bride shows up. One of the things you will want to have ready to go is the photo area. Set up a backdrop and incorporate some fun banners that say bride or use the couples wedding hashtag if they have one.

5. Hangover Kit

The party doesn’t stop on a bachelorette weekend. If you or any of the crew falls prey to a nasty hangover after a night of heavy drinking, providing mini hangover kits will be a godsend. Include things like Advil, tums, a cooling eye mask, a hangover drink, and some form of caffeine. This way no one will be slowed down and the party will keep going all weekend long!

6. Party Games

You are probably going to have some downtime throughout your bachelorette weekend, so try to have some fun party games ready to go while you guys are sipping champagne in the mornings or when pre-drinking before hitting the bars in the evening. This can be anything from drinking games to tacky bridal games like toilet paper wedding dresses or making phallic carvings out of cucumbers. Make sure you have all the supplies you need for each game ahead of time so you can set them up quickly during any downtime.

The Best Bachelorette Weekend 

These items are just a few of our must-haves, but don’t be afraid to get creative! You know your bride best so make sure that you are tailoring everything to her preferences. The main goal here is to keep the fun going all weekend long and to celebrate your friends’ last moments as a single lady!

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