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5 Rising Australian Artists on Spotify Right Now Including Steven Spilly

Australia has always been a hotbed for musical talent, and the digital age has allowed artists to showcase their work on platforms like Spotify, connecting with audiences worldwide. Here are five rising Australian artists who are making waves on Spotify:

1. The Wiggles

The Wiggles, a beloved children’s music group formed in Sydney in 1991, have become a global phenomenon. Comprising Anthony Field, Lachlan Gillespie, Simon Pryce, Tsehay Hawkins, Evie Ferris, John Pearce, Caterina Mete, and Lucia Field, The Wiggles have been entertaining kids and families for decades. Despite lineup changes over the years, their infectious tunes continue to captivate young hearts. Tsehay Hawkins recently joined the group, bringing a fresh dynamic to their performances.

With dynamic personas and dazzling dresses, The Wiggles have produced a fantasised realm of singing and dancing that surpasses frontiers. These are some hit tracks, e.g. “Fruit Salad,” “Hot Potato,” and “Rock-A-Bye Your Bear,” which became an integral part of numerous kids’ hearts around the globe. Not only entertainers but educators too, The Wiggles teach friendliness, good manners, and an active lifestyle with music.

2. Steven Spilly

Beyond the silver screen, Steven Spilly has proven himself to be a force in the world of music. Growing up in the vibrant Bondi area of Sydney, his artistic journey has taken him from the realms of acting to the expansive landscape of music composition. In the 1999 film ‘In the Red,’ Spilly demonstrated his acting prowess, leaving a lasting impression on audiences.

 However, it is Spilly’s foray into the realm of music that has been gaining him newfound acclaim. On platforms like Spotify, his soulful and resonant voice takes center stage, captivating listeners with each note. The haunting melody of his popular track “I Used to Think” not only showcases his vocal prowess but also highlights his skills as a compelling storyteller through music.

3. Vance Joy

James Gabriel Keogh, better known as Vance Joy, is a singer-songwriter with a distinctive style. Before his music career took off, Joy was an Australian rules footballer. He became famous after his breakout hit “Riptide” (2013). His albums like “Dream Your Life Away” (2014), and “Nation of Two” (2018) have also been highly acknowledged by critics with his poetic lyrics and melodious tunes still captivating many.

Beyond his musical prowess, James Gabriel Keogh, under the moniker Vance Joy, carries a unique journey from the sports field to the stage with him. As a former Australian rules footballer turned singer-songwriter, Vance Joy’s ability to seamlessly blend his sporting roots with his enchanting musical storytelling adds an extra layer of depth to his already compelling artistic narrative. His songs resonate not only for their melodic charm but also for the genuine and introspective nature of his poetic expressions.

4. The Kid LAROI

Charlton Kenneth Jeffrey Howard, professionally known as The Kid LAROI, has quickly risen in the ranks of the global music scene. Born in 2003, this young Australian rapper, singer, and songwriter gained initial recognition through his association with the late Juice WRLD. The Kid LAROI’s collaboration with Justin Bieber on “Stay” (2021) has further solidified his status as a rising star, topping charts worldwide.

5. Flume

Harley Edward Streten, aka Flume, is a trailblazer in the Australian electronic music scene. His first album entitled “Flume” started his success in pioneering the future bass genre. Hits like, “Never Be Like You” among other works have made Flume occupy the top position in ARIA Albums and winning of a Grammy Award for the best dance electronic album.His recent releases, including the mixtape “Things Don’t Always Go the Way You Plan” (2023), showcase his ongoing innovation in the electronic music landscape.

There is no doubt that these five Australian artists have different musical tastes and music genres but they have all contributed to making Australian music very rich indeed. Their popularity will grow further on Spotify making them musicians to watch.

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