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Enter 'WRAITH', a spine-chilling horror film poised to redefine the genre's conventions with a potent blend of fear and psychological depth.

Astro Lion Pictures Unveils “WRAITH” – A Supernatural Spectacle of Horror and Cultural Depth

In a thrilling announcement that sends shivers down the spine of horror enthusiasts worldwide, Astro Lion Pictures reveals its latest venture into the realm of the supernatural. Enter “WRAITH,” a spine-chilling exorcism horror film poised to redefine the genre’s conventions with a potent blend of fear, cultural richness, and psychological depth.

At the helm of this ambitious project stands celebrated writer and director Robert Gillings, known for his masterful storytelling in “Paper Empire.” With “WRAITH,” Gillings embarks on a journey that promises to push the boundaries of exorcism narratives by infusing them with themes of eternal love and cultural exploration.

The plot unfolds against the haunting backdrop of Rajasthan’s deserts, where a young couple’s honeymoon takes a terrifying turn upon the discovery of an ancient site linked to the harrowing ritual of sati. As the evil force lurking within the site awakens, the film plunges audiences into a narrative rife with possession, cultural traditions, and a desperate struggle for survival.

Gillings’ vision for “WRAITH” extends beyond mere scares; it delves deep into the heart of cultural folklore, human psychology, and the unimaginable depths of the supernatural. Through a meticulously crafted script and immersive shooting locations across India, Saudi Arabia, and New York, the film promises to deliver a horror experience that is both visually stunning and emotionally resonant.

The collaboration between Gillings and the visionary producers at Astro Lion Pictures—Rohini Singh, Manmeet Singh, and Paramdeep Singh—underscores their shared commitment to crafting narratives that transcend borders and captivate global audiences. As Gillings himself puts it, “My focus, my goal, is to provide many original concepts into this script that they will be proud of. Nothing short of that will make it to the screen.”

Indeed, “WRAITH” is poised to leave an indelible mark on viewers with its exploration of ancient traditions, profound warnings, and their impact on the modern world. With its unprecedented mix of fear, cultural depth, and psychological intensity, this otherworldly horror promises a cinematic experience like no other.

As Manmeet Singh expresses, “We are ecstatic to have Robert Gillings, a visionary in storytelling, lead ‘WRAITH.’ This film is set to be a trailblazer in the horror genre, offering an unprecedented mix of fear, cultural depth, and psychological intensity.”

Echoing Singh’s sentiments, Rohini Singh adds, ” ‘WRAITH’ is not just another exorcism horror film but a significant milestone in cinematic storytelling. It delves into the ever-powerful and malevolent evil forces unleashed by the horrifying real-life history of Sati.”

Paramdeep Singh encapsulates the essence of “WRAITH” as an “otherworldly horror set to captivate and terrify audiences worldwide, promising a unique cinematic experience filled with suspense, cultural depth, twists, turns, and a shocking conclusion.”

As the anticipation builds for “WRAITH,” horror aficionados and cinephiles alike can prepare themselves for a journey into the unknown, where the line between the natural and the supernatural blurs, and the true depths of terror await.

Stay tuned for further announcements regarding cast and production developments as “WRAITH” prepares to unleash its supernatural spectacle upon the world.

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