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Video production is a lengthy process. Here are the different steps that go into making a video.

What is video production? Everything to note about video production

Video production has been long used, and most people use videos for marketing purposes; video production companies have made it possible to bridge the gap between the past, the modern, and even the future video producers such as spiel have made it possible for many corporates and other non-corporates to do their marketing and reach a wider scope of their clients. Then there are corporate focused Miami video production services companies that create highly effective business videos.

A video production company like spiel are the next big thing for all corporates to use in their marketing strategies. Video production has various phases surrounding it; you should know entailing the video production field.

Pre-production phase

This is the beginning of a video production act, mainly happens behind the lens, and it’s the most key phase while planning for a video shoot and production of world-class videos that’s meet clients objectives; in this phase, a lot of debriefs happen within the cast, and monetary budgets are set for the production of the video. Scripts are thoroughly scanned to eliminate all errors in this phase, and with everything in order, the video production has a strong foundation for an end product. Some activities that happen at the pre-production phase include:

  • Brainstorming on objectives, channels to use, and the target market for your campaign.
  • Meeting the budget for the production.
  • The building of the scripts to meet the set objectives.
  • Pitching to see if the script is up to standards
  • Video outlining and story building.
  • Shooting pilot scenes for the video to showcase your clients and target audience.
  • Scouting for location scenes.
  • Interviewing and auditions for the cast members.
  • Licensing and registration of permits from the local authorities.
  • Preparations of recording tools and gadgets. 

Video producers at spiel advise that a video should resonate with the target market and positively impact their lives.

Production phase

Making a video to reach your audience and communicate to them directly is a powerful tool to influence people’s lives according to the story and the message passed along by a video.


This is the actual video shooting phase. It involves many parties to do various services; all these parties are experts in video production. Each person has their roles and duties, which they do for a video production set to run smoothly. This expert in video production includes:

A producer is an essential person in the video production cast; a producer has the main role and is responsible for the success or failure of a video production project. A producer’s primary role is to coordinate the whole crew during the shoots, supervision, and control of how the budget set is being worked on and manages the entire acting crew and their talents.

The director of photography: his main role is to bring the script into reality; the director is also known as the camera operator and works hand in hand with a video director.

The drone operator: If you need aerial drone videos or other types of videos that should be shot using drone cameras, you need an experienced drone operator.

Assistant camera operator: this expert juggles the visuals and audio content in a video production shoot. they ensure that the camera is set on focus at all times, the sound setting is up to standards, proper recording and also does a bit of directing  and makes sure all gadgets are working properly 

Makeup artists: their main role is to make the cast look presentable before the camera; they apply makeup before, during, and after a shoot. They are experienced artists who tell their stories through the cast’s appearance. They make sure the cast looks the part when shoots are in the production phase.

The gaffer: video shoots are done in different backgrounds; some are bright, and others are dark; the main role of a gaffer is to make sure there is enough lighting during the video shoot.

These experts are used in huge projects that require each expert’s services; meanwhile, some video shoots where you can opt to do without all these experts in a shoot. Video producers at spiels recommend that it is great to have the right shooting gadgets for professional videos that can impact your audience effectively without too many struggles.


This is the final part of a video production after being filmed. Once production is completed on the field, there is a lot of work that goes on after the video has been produced, and all this work is achieved in this phase. The activities that go on in this phase include management of files, final video editing, enactment of voice covers and voice mastering, and aligning motion graphics or animations. After all, this is achieved, the video is now ready to be presented to the rightful owner.

Importance’s of video contents in video production

A video production company employs many staff and experts, hence creating job opportunities avenues. For a project to be completed or a campaign video, it employs many people to work on-site during the shoot, and it incorporates all the fields in the industry. Many businesses have converted into sales hugely worldwide by the aim of video production for their projects which has turned out to be the leading tool for marketing strategies for all clients in the corporate and non-corporate sectors.

Common types of video content

Types of video content are wide. They depend mainly on the client’s objectives; many video production companies have set themselves according to their niche and their key area of expertise. A client seeking different video services can opt to go to any video production company that suits their objectives. Some types of video contents surround different events, which may include:

  • Advertising commercial videos.
  • Documentary videos.
  • Sports events videos.
  • Private functions videos.
  • Events videos.
  • Educational videos
  • Music videos
  • Social media videos.

In conclusion, video production is a great entity that revolves around so many services. As video producers at spiels, advice always choose the right video production company to meet and execute your objectives.

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