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'The Invisible Ones' is a new film by director Eliza Brownlie. Find out why the film is so tragically relevant in the modern day.

Discover bleak truths with the indie film ‘The Invisible Ones’

The Invisible Ones dares is a sobering look at the sex trafficking industry in America. The film details a woman’s investigation into the disappearance of her younger sister and niece, and the horrifying discoveries she makes as she gets closer and closer to the truth. The Invisible Ones is not for the faint of heart, but those wanting an engrossing and sobering look at a very real threat will be sucked in.

The film does a fine job of juggling mystery with emotional torment. It never feels as though one is being sacrificed for the other, and the way the main character’s journey progresses serves to strengthen both aspects simultaneously. Some of the film’s most crucial scenes feel as though they were influenced by classic film noir, which helps to further the gloomy, downtrodden tone and the sleek visual presentation.

The Invisible Ones is directed by Eliza Brownlie, who has made a point of tackling difficult subject matter throughout her career. She’s fascinated by the roles that modern society and cultural phenomena play in the human experience, and how our perception of right and wrong can be influenced by the things around us. 

The Invisible Ones is perhaps her greatest achievement in this regard; a melding of intrigue and outrage that is sure to stay with the viewer long after the credits have rolled.

This uncompromising strain has informed all of Brownlie’s work to date. She’s crafted commercials and music videos for clients such as VICE, Dove, Ninja Tune, and Arts & Crafts Records. In 2019, Brownlie directed a music video for the platinum-selling duo FRENSHIP, which featured A Quiet Place actress Millicent Simmonds. The video saw Simmonds deliver a powerful rendition of the song’s lyrics in American sign language.

The FRENSHIP video was an official selection at the Female Voices Rock Film Festival in New York and the Rituals Film Festival in Los Angeles. Brownlie’s earlier short film, The After Party, also screened at various festivals across North America in 2016.

Eliza Brownlie is a graduate of Simon Fraser University’s school of communications and UCLA’s directing program. She currently works and resides in Vancouver, Canada.

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