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The Bastard Sons: A Gritty Gangster Tale Redefines Jersey Gangster Films

New Jersey, steeped in rich history, has often been overlooked in the cinematic realm, with only a few suburban stories making their way to the big screen. However, Kevin Interdonato, renowned for his role as Dogsy in The Sopranos, aims to shift that narrative with his directorial debut, “The Bastard Sons.” This independent thriller not only boasts impressive production values but also unveils a dark and compelling crime drama deeply rooted in the Garden State. The film takes pride in its Jersey heritage, utilizing local settings and a predominantly Jersey-based cast and crew.

Interdonato steps into the shoes of Vincent Damiano, a small-town gangster whose world crumbles when his father is mysteriously killed just before inheriting a substantial portion of the family’s underground crime network. The film unfolds as Vincent, suspecting his father’s partner, Frank Rome (played by fellow Sopranos actor Al Sapienza), of foul play, disappears only to return weeks later, ready to reclaim what is rightfully his. With childhood friends-turned-family by his side, Vincent embarks on a journey of revenge, navigating the dangerous criminal underworld while striving to keep his partner, Olivia (Anastasia Ganias), safe.

From gritty highways to picturesque beach towns, “The Bastard Sons” authentically captures New Jersey’s essence, featuring iconic landmarks like Lance and Debbie’s Wonder Bar in Asbury Park. Beyond the scenic backdrop, the film embodies the gritty and tenacious sensibility that defines Jersey, adding depth to a familiar crime narrative. Interdonato’s portrayal of Vincent, marked by remarkable control, injects an unpolished realism often overlooked by filmmakers, complemented by a script co-written with Glenn Rodriguez.

The film’s distinguishing factors go beyond its narrative and setting. Interdonato’s rough and intense action sequences, coupled with Rey Llewellyn’s prosthetics work, set “The Bastard Sons” apart. The commitment to visceral body contortion and explicit gore contributes to a level of violence rarely seen in the genre. The film’s final act, marked by pulse-pounding action and shocking shootouts, showcases the collaborative efforts of the creative team in delivering an unpredictable and impactful conclusion.

Yet, the film is more than brutality. Interdonato weaves a narrative infused with themes of blood family and found family loyalty, mirroring the ethos of New Jersey. The on-screen chemistry between Vincent and his gang adds depth to high-stakes action set pieces and provides insight into the characters’ shared history. Additionally, the nuanced relationship between Vincent and Olivia, portrayed by Interdonato and Ganias, injects a touch of complexity into the traditionally suave and bulletproof genre. Noteworthy is Sapienza’s performance as Rome, a testament to his exceptional talent in delivering impactful moments with minimal screen time.

In steering this indie feature, Interdonato has overseen an impressive production, offering New Jersey audiences a rare gem. “The Bastard Sons” stands as a testament to the state’s storytelling tradition, proving that even the so-called “armpit” of America can produce powerful narratives. Brace yourselves, New Jersey – the gruesome gangster drama you’ve been waiting for arrives on Prime Video starting Jan 5, 2024.  Learn more at

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