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There's an exciting new collaboration coming between Netflix and independent filmmaker Tarik Freitekh. Get the inside scoop on the project today.

A New Netflix Project with Tarik Freitekh?

Tarik Freitekh always loved filmmaking. Even when he was an architect student, he still directed a few projects on his spare time. After graduating as an architect from UTS, he decided to study more and obtained his second bachelor degree in Film/ Production from The Art Institute.

If you look at Tarik Freitekh’s work closely as a director and producer, there are hundreds of projects we loved that were trending worldwide. There are also a few projects that didn’t get much attention but still looked amazing.

For example, Tarik’s 9th project with Akon was Akon ft. Harlee which was directed and produced by Freitekh and released under his label World  Music. The video only got around half a million views but projected an amazing cinematic, apocalyptic theme that we rarely see.

Also, Freitekh filmed 9 videos in one week for an artist name Tahra. If you watch the videos, you will notice how Tarik was able to shift between cinematic looks. It would be impossible for anyone to guess that these 9 videos were filmed in a week.

Same goes for the collaboration with Snoop Dog ft. Tamer that Freitekh directed and produced. Also all of Haifa Wehbe’s American projects. For example, Breathing you in, published under Tarik Freitekh’s Label World  Music. Freitekh also released a number of shows including The Director and Haifa in LA.

Freitekh founded World Music and founded many non profit organizations as well. He also helped Akon bring solar light to Africa and used his skills in directing and producing to advocate for good causes. Freitekh has recently been meeting with Netflix’s top executive producers. It is not known if they are working on a personal project or a Docuseries, but we are excited for Tarik Freitekh and Netflix’s collaboration.

Tarik Freitekh’s wife Dalia Freitekh is a well-known award-winning interior designer and Principal of Dalia Freitekh Interiors. She was born and raised in  California. Dalia creates very sophisticated, modern looks. They are luxurious as they are extremely comfortable. She has an amazing travel portfolio.

Her work has been featured in books, many home design magazines, and in designer showhouses. Not to mention model homes.  Dalia Freitekh was awarded many times for her designs and customer service on LA Interiors, etc. She has the leading platform for home renovation and design.

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