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A brief guide for the Animated video production process in 7 steps. All you need to know about the steps is here!

The Animated Video Production Process in 7 Steps

Animation has an extensive process that enables spectacular content to come into existence. Today, the world is able to incorporate different types of animation owing to this process. 

There are many parameters to consider. These come together to form heart-stealing animations. You can use these for different marketing purposes. Not only this, animations are now in sectors including education, architecture, medical science, and many more. 

The two typical ways to deliver your message to someone else are by text or visuals. Animation falls under the category of visual content. The video-based content is more helpful when it comes to message delivery. 

In this post, you will learn more about the process through a complete overview. We have divided it into 7 crucial steps for easy understanding. 

Let’s learn more about them without further delay!

Step 1. Brainstorming

This is where the process headstarts! Brainstorming – a foundation to work on the future steps of the process. You basically brainstorm an idea. Or it might be an inspiration.

 It is when a transparent consultation and discussion take place between you and your clients. The clients need to tell you about their ambitions with the type of animation they want. 

It also includes the client’s business rivals and their methods and strategies. So that the animation studio can bring out something that fits the client’s expectations. 

Step 2. Script Development

High-functional animated content comes with a heart-touching script. You cannot forget the essence of storytelling in this aspect. Script development is important when you have a solid idea to process. 

 The script should be an irresistible phenomenon. It must have the ability to keep the audience’s attention intact no matter how much rush they are in. 

Different studios empower you to develop your own script. So they can tweak it to make it dockable for any changes. In most cases, animation studios offer their own scripts for the projects. 

Step 3. Storyboard

A storyboard is for creating a complete series of sketches based on the script and brainstormed ideas. This is the exact storyboard that would be used in the video project. 

It gives you an idea of how everything will work at the termination. A storyboard determines all the styles and visuals of the video that needs refining and tuning. 

Storyboard also helps you eradicate all the flaws and errors of the visual in the process. It also accelerates a process and enhances its quality as well. It is where you can conduct as many revisions as you want through a storyboard. 

Step 4. Voiceovers

Voiceovers are for a better understanding of the script for the audience. Different professionals in this regard are important. Keep in mind that these voices differ as per the requirements of the projects. 

You, being a client, can also recommend the perfect voice for your projects. In most cases, it is the responsibility of the studios. Voice depicts the tone and mood of the script. It clarifies the whole video concept for the audience.

Voiceover is not an extensive process. The artists complete the recording within 24 hours. So that further steps can get completed before the deadline with no serious complications. 

Step 5. Video Production 

After the above steps, it is time to develop the first draft of the video. The illustrations and graphics come into action. The step is important since it allows the clients and operational teams to further enhance the draft before heading to final changes. 

Step 6. Sound effects and Music design

It’s time for music! Sound effects and music design are inevitable to produce stunning animated videos. Music helps you connect with the audience through your brand. It acts as a bridge between your brand and their hearts. 

The music experts insert special sound effects that make your animated characters pop. It improves the entire mood of the video. It also helps with a positive influence on retention rates and customer acquisition.

Step 7. Publishing 

It is important to give clients options for their ease. Animation studios offer different formats or resolution sizes for videos. The clients review the final draft and if they approve it, the project is ready to be delivered and finally published. 

Some studios offer additional services like video ranking tips on YouTube and other socials. The ideal animated videos are those that are responsive and work equally impressive on different devices either laptops or mobile phones.

A top-rated video animation company has great acumen to provide you with the desired product. BuzzFlick helps you create a long-lasting impact on your audience through the quality production of animated content. 

Get in touch with them and check out an impeccable portfolio displayed on their website to know about former projects they have worked on. 

What is 2D Animation?

2D animation is the technique of creating cartoon-like characters and graphics using animating software. It also helps with creatures, FX, and backgrounds.

The illusion even by 2D animation is a sequenced process. Different frames need sequential working and editing. In most cases, the artist has to work on 24 individual frames. 

Owing to the existence of technology, 2D animation is a technique that has evolved to a large extent. From hand-drawn cartoons to digital drawings, 2D animation has embarked on a long journey. 

Software like Toon Boom Harmony or Adobe After Effects are reliable for creating 2D characters and cartoons.

Final Thoughts

The animated videos cannot work impressively without a deep collaboration between clients and animation studios. A client not only can set a direction for the studio teams to work on. But clients are important to shed light on the ideas.

This entire process is a general guideline to consider. It helps different studios deliver exactly what their clients are in need. There have been expert animating agencies that are successful to create bulk projects by following this process.

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