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Saram Jaffery has put out a new film titled 'One Last Shot'. Learn more about the director and his new film here.

Canadian actor/filmmaker Saram Jaffery’s film ‘One Last Shot’ making rounds in the Film Festivals worldwide

Canadian actor/director Saram Jaffery’s latest film One Last Shot has won many awards last year. It was featured at film festivals in both the U.S. and Canada, including the New York Film Awards 2020, the Los Angeles Films Awards 2020 where it has been awarded the Best Drama and Best Narrative and has also earned Saram Jaffery the Best Actor award. 

The film has won the Best Canadian Short Film and Viewer’s Choice Award at the Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival. It has also won the award for Best Romantic Drama at the Calcutta International Cult Film Festival in India and in Italy at Oniros Film Awards and has been screened at the 2020 edition of Vancouver International South Asian Film Festival.

The film has become a popular choice among viewers and is available to watch on Amazon Prime in the U.S and UK market, with many viewers praising it to be the ultimate love story that everyone will fall in love with.

One Last Shot is inspired by real life stories and it deeply highlights the struggles that artists have to face in order to achieve their dreams. Viewers are caught up in the love affair that the main character has for music and how his priorities make him choose the wrong path and how it affects his relationships with his loved ones. 

This isn’t a typical love story or chick flick that has made people lose hope for love; instead it does the opposite and captures your attention throughout the film. 

Not your typical love story

Romantic films are slowly dying, and many creators running out of ideas, which then results in creating a stereotypical love story that has a great anti-climax in the end. It is now becoming harder to capture the audience’s attention with love stories because it is known to become predictable with the ending and plot overall. 

Young filmmakers are now given the opportunity to create and produce their work for a global audience, which is what Saram Jaffery has done. He has learnt that viewers no longer want to be sold the typical fairytale love story, because it is simply overrated, which is why One Last Shot has stood out against the others because it is based on realistic events that many people can actually relate to.

What has also made it win many awards is that the independent filmmaker has creatively put a masterpiece together that didn’t have the same budget as a blockbuster movie, and yet he was still able to convey his message by making his audience feel the raw emotions that led to feeling hurt, betrayed, sad and excited throughout the movie. 

In 2018, Saram Jaffery got his first commercial break in Pakistani feature film Na Band Na Baraati and before that he featured in several short films as well as participated in theatre. He has been involved in the entertainment industry since the early 90’s, where he has starred in local TV shows in Pakistan as a child artist and then moved to Toronto Canada in 2007, and continued his career there.

Jaffery enjoys being both in front and behind the camera and has directed a number of commercials and music videos in the past. For his film One Last Shot he is wearing multiple hats as the leading Actor, Director, Writer, Composer and Music Producer. 

Future projects that Saram Jaffery is working on

The young actor/director is currently working towards a feature film highlighting mental health issues based on real life stories. He’s also working towards a web series that is meant to portray immigrant issues and the challenges that come with it.

Saram Jaffery has always tried to showcase real life issues through the world of film, in order to create a true image that people can not only relate to, but can also learn from. The Canadian artist likes to give opportunities to upcoming talent from all backgrounds, since he is an advocate for diversity in a creative working environment.

The creator loves to spread a positive message through the form of art and doesn’t just see film as a source of entertainment for viewers to watch in order to pass time. He sees it as a golden opportunity to come up with impressive visuals and bring stories to life that can make a difference and can even put issues in the spotlight for people to dissect.

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