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Are you looking for a new streaming service filled with great content you've never seen before? Get ready to spend hours with Pure Magic Pictures.

Pure Magic Pictures – A new unique streaming service just launched

Add A Little Magic To Your Entertainment With This “Mom & Pop” Streaming Shop

Pure Magic Pictures is proud to announce its launch.

Pure Magic Pictures is an innovative new independent streaming service that offers artist-led exclusive original films and TV shows, on all major devices.

“Most streaming platforms are owned by huge companies with an endless scroll of content. We are different. We’re just a couple of directors making movies and TV shows straight from the heart,” says Kalani Hubbard, Founder and Director at Pure Magic Pictures, “It’s our mission to create high-quality entertainment that all comes from the same DNA – so if you like one title, chances are, you’d like the others.”

“We are just a couple of directors making movies and TV shows straight from the heart.”


Pure Magic Pictures is a small business based in Brooklyn, NY. Founded in 2021, by Kalani and Stefanie Hubbard, Pure Magic Pictures is a “mom and pop streaming shop” with a high-value feel that offers viewers unique entertainment that can’t be found anywhere else.

Pure Magic Pictures isn’t focusing on quantity, so you won’t find yourself doomscrolling on this streaming platform. Instead, chances are you will watch every show and movie that’s available. Everything released on Pure Magic Pictures is created by the same tight-knit group of passionate artists, providing a very cohesive stream of entertainment. If you like one thing, you’re bound to like the rest!

But Pure Magic Pictures isn’t here to replace the big streaming platforms. In fact, it isn’t even trying to compete with the likes of Netflix, Hulu, Paramount+, Disney+ (the list goes on). Pure Magic Pictures is its own film studio with a unique and cohesive voice and style, creating a magical world of entertainment to be captivated by. “We make what we want to watch, and bet you’ll want to watch it too!” says Stefanie Hubbard, co-founder of Pure Magic Pictures.

“We make what we want to watch, and bet you’ll want to watch it too!”


The subscriptions (either billed monthly or yearly) allow access to all the exclusive shows and movies, worldwide, without any ads, ever. Pure Magic Pictures delivers high-quality entertainment, without any distractions, and without unnecessary clutter in its catalogue.

Features and benefits of Pure Magic Pictures include:

  • Original entertainment. Marvelous movies and spectacular shows you can’t get anywhere else – made with love.
  • A cohesive brand across all titles. If you like one thing, you are bound to like the rest.
  • No doomscrolling. Each movie & show is intentionally created specifically with you in mind.
  • Titles never leave the platform. Pure Magic Pictures makes all of its own titles, so there will never be a “last chance to watch” dilemma.
  • Never any ads. Ads should never be in the way of a great watching experience. Pure Magic Pictures explicitly commits to never advertising on their platform in any way…ever.

Pure Magic Pictures is now available worldwide, with subscriptions priced at $8.99 per month, or $89.99 per year.

This December you can watch the full season 1 of View & Chew with Mike Chen, Plunder Quest, an action-adventure feature film following the adventures of Thomas Waters, and Good Magical Morning, a weekly “geek culture” news show covering topics you won’t hear about on the news.In early 2022, you will be able to watch Lily Darling, a punk rock teen romance set in 2006, during the golden age of emo music, and a new weekly show called Good Night Tonight. And there will be many more to come!

Start your 7-day free trial now on Pure Magic Pictures: visit Pure Magic Pictures official website.

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