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Post-Pandemic Cinema: Tara Troy Turns Personal Loss into Universal Connection, Global Understanding and Collective Healing

As the celebrated film critic Roger Ebert once noted, “Movies are the most powerful empathy machine in all the arts. When I go to a great movie, I can live somebody else’s life for a while.”  Tara Troy, an award-winning filmmaker, actor, and two-time cancer survivor, deeply understands this powerful connection to human stories. Her journey through adversity is what fuels her compelling narratives.

The pandemic irrevocably changed the film industry, transforming how films are produced, consumed, and perceived. Yet, as the dust settles, the industry finds itself on the cusp of a renaissance. Compelling projects and diverse stories are emerging, reflecting humanity’s collective experience of the past three years. 

Filmmakers like Tara Troy stand at the forefront of this evolution. Her compelling narratives are intrinsically intertwined with her personal journey, making her an emerging creative force to watch in the post-pandemic world.  Her debut short film, “The Unclosed Door,” won the Best Short Film at the Milan International Filmmaker Festival, and was featured at others, such as the Silicon Beach Film Festival, Coronado Island Film Festival and Toronto Shorts International Film Festival.

Tara’s forthcoming short film and directorial debut, “A Moment in Time”—a narrative featuring an avoidant lawyer (Tara Troy) who deceives her fiance and must connect the dots from her past by confronting her estranged father—exemplifies the fresh wave of cinema inspired and influenced by the pandemic. Her concept fuses her personal narrative with an often unspoken social cause: supporting individuals who lost loved ones during the pandemic, while also raising cancer awareness. 

Troy’s new film is inspired by her father’s passing from lung cancer and her own ensuing battles with thyroid cancer and, more recently, Stage 3 colon cancer. Overcoming all of these challenges has deeply colored her approach to storytelling and performing as an actor. 

In her own words, “Acting is the ultimate act of service. To be able to give yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually; to let go of self, your ego, your pride, your limitations—in order to emerge as someone else who has a story to tell,” illuminates Troy’s dedication to her craft and her mission.

Tara’s gritty new film explores the emotional toll of losing a loved one and the societal taboos around this shared yet often unspoken human experience.

Tara explains that she didn’t say “I love you” before her father’s passing, a regret that snowballed into feelings of isolation. It wasn’t until she realized that relationships are more than just one moment, that she began to put the pieces back together. 

“A Moment in Time” invites its audience to experience this journey of healing, illustrating how love transcends time and loss.

To fund the film, Tara is leveraging a popular and time-tested tactic within the film industry: crowdfunding.  Crowdfunding platforms have given rise to unprecedented wins over the years, including memorable successes like “Veronica Mars,” which raised $5.7 million through Kickstarter, and “Super Troopers 2,” which raised over $4.4 million through IndieGogo.

Tara’s crowdfunding campaign is set to launch in early August through Seed&Spark, with a goal of raising $20,000.00 to cover the entirety of her film’s production costs. She says, “We plan to shoot in early fall in New York City and this campaign will cover all the production costs, cast, crew, wardrobe, and beyond.” It’s an exciting opportunity for fans and supporters to partake in the creative process and help bring her poignant narrative to the screen.

As a proud SAG-AFTRA member, she says, “In light of the strike, it’s more important than ever for us to band together and support independent filmmakers and voices.” 

The pandemic may have changed the film industry’s landscape, but it hasn’t dampened the spirit of filmmakers. If anything, it’s provided a new perspective for stories to be told and experienced.

Emerging talents like Tara Troy are leading this charge, melding personal narratives with broader social themes to create compelling and thought-provoking cinema. She adds, “I’m dedicated to highlighting imperfect female characters who are confronting real-life, fork-in-the-road situations. Through these transformational stories, the audience goers feel the comfort of knowing they are not alone—and that we can get through challenging times together.”

With the launch of her crowdfunding campaign and her second short film, we’re reminded of cinema’s power to mirror our shared human experiences and foster collective healing. And Tara’s journey is an exemplary testament to the transformative power of storytelling.

Tara Troy is pushing boundaries, reshaping the cinematic landscape, and connecting audiences with universal experiences of loss, love, and healing.  She’s not just one to watch; she’s a voice to be heard. For more information on Tara Troy and “A Moment in Time,” visit

Photography by Ryan Arnell

Make-up by Vadee Chhun

Styling by Soneca Guadara

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