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Sergio Sanchez Selva's journey into the world of Set Design traces back to his roots in Architecture. Dive into these immersive worlds.

Immersive Worlds: Sergio Sanchez Selva’s Set Design Mastery

In the dynamic landscape of New York City’s film and television industry, Sergio Sanchez Selva stands as an influential artisan, delicately shaping immersive worlds with a unique fusion of architectural insight and creative finesse. As a highly sought-after Set Designer, Sergio has left an indelible mark on the cinematic tapestry, contributing to an array of notable productions that showcase his versatility and storytelling prowess. Among these productions are the new Walking Dead spin-off for AMC, The Cleaning Lady for FOX, and the compelling Wu-Tang: An American Saga for Hulu, each project serving as a canvas for Sergio’s narrative craftsmanship.

Sergio’s journey into the world of Set Design traces back to his roots in Architecture. Early in his career, he cultivated his skills working on residential projects for a Dublin-based firm, laying the groundwork for the aesthetic sensibilities that now subtly inform his work. This architectural background provides him with a practical understanding of spatial dynamics and design aesthetics, enriching his creative process with a depth of insight that distinguishes his approach.

In his pivotal role as a Set Designer, Sergio takes on the multifaceted responsibility of bringing scripts to life. This involves not only designing sets but also providing detailed 3D models for visualizations and meticulously overseeing the intricate construction process. Sergio’s approach represents a nuanced dance between creativity and technical precision, a delicate balance that allows the sets to seamlessly complement the storytelling without overshadowing its core narrative.


At the zenith of his profession, Sergio enjoys a quiet but resounding demand for his services, a testament to the trust and admiration earned from industry leaders. His unique ability to seamlessly merge artistic vision with technical proficiency positions him among the city’s top Set Designers. Each project undertaken by Sergio serves as a quiet yet powerful canvas for his creative sensibilities to shine, contributing to the enchanting visual landscapes of the productions he collaborates on.

Beyond the realm of film and television, Sergio has discreetly lent his artistic touch to collaborations with renowned brands such as McDonald’s, Audi, Heineken, Renault, EOS, Mango, and Armani in the commercial sphere. His capacity to translate brand narratives into subtle visual experiences showcases the breadth of his versatility as an artist. This duality allows Sergio to navigate seamlessly between the realms of entertainment and commerce, adding yet another layer to his diverse artistic palette.

Sergio’s influence radiates far beyond the confines of New York City, resonating globally through his modest yet meticulously crafted set designs. Notably, his work on the highly acclaimed series “And Just Like That” marked a pivotal milestone in his career. The series not only garnered critical acclaim but also emerged as the most-viewed release on HBO, solidifying Sergio’s impact on shaping visually compelling narratives that captivate audiences worldwide. Simultaneously, his contribution to “The Cleaning Lady” resonated with viewers, propelling it to become one of the highest-rated shows on FOX, a testament to Sergio’s ability to connect with diverse audiences.

In a world where storytelling and visuals coexist, Sergio Sanchez Selva emerges not just as a Set Designer but as a guiding force, sculpting cinematic narratives with the precision of an Architect and the subtle creativity of an artist. As he continues to contribute to the ever-evolving art of Set Design, Sergio’s journey serves as a profound and enduring inspiration for aspiring creatives. It emphasizes the transformative power of merging Architecture with the understated magic of the silver screen, offering a blueprint for those seeking to make their mark in the expansive realm of cinematic storytelling.

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