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Miguel del Campo on How Trailers, TV, and Social Media Assets Are Coordinated

In the vivid panorama of the entertainment industry, orchestrating trailers, television, and social media assets is an intricate ballet. And this dance is flawlessly performed by Miguel del Campo. Balancing roles at both Pixelogic and Lionsgate, Miguel emerges as a dynamic force, artfully coordinating the pulse of high-profile releases while bridging the gap between the cinematic experience and home entertainment. This is a glimpse into his world, where creativity, passion, and unyielding dedication harmonize to shape the narrative of modern filmmaking.

Miguel’s robust roster of accomplishments is nothing short of astounding. His portfolio of projects includes an impressive list of high-profile titles such as John Wick Chapter 4, Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, and Moonfall. Part of his success, undoubtedly, is his knack for crafting compelling narratives, not just for his screenplays, but also for the unique feature descriptions on digital platforms. His subtle fingerprints can be found on many of Lionsgate’s most successful releases.

Much of the magic that happens post-release goes unnoticed, but to del Campo, this period is as crucial as any other in a film’s lifespan. He tracks the production lifecycle, ensuring every piece of the jigsaw falls in place—from preproduction to physical and digital release. Miguel’s integral role makes a difference in bringing beloved films to audiences for their home enjoyment. It’s in these invisible threads of post-production that del Campo truly shines.

Working with Pixelogic and Lionsgate has been a game-changer for Miguel, offering him the privilege of collaborating with phenomenal teams and exposing him to diverse titles. His unrelenting commitment and passion for the industry are mirrored in the steadfast relationships he shares with both companies.

As a filmmaker, Miguel’s experience in writing and directing gives him an insider’s perspective into industry trends and audience preferences. This dual lens allows him to navigate the film industry with agility and precision, offering invaluable insights that help shape marketing strategies for upcoming releases. 

Miguel’s ambition extends beyond his pivotal role at Pixelogic and Lionsgate. His aspiration to be a film director, screenwriter, and producer drives him to continually hone his craft and push the boundaries of his creativity. His projects have garnered recognition in international film festivals and competitions, with two currently in the pipeline—indicators of his upward trajectory in the industry.

The vibrancy of his Mexican heritage informs his worldview and work. His education, industry experience, and cultural background make him a unique and valuable asset to the team. His passion for storytelling and his knack for analyzing trends and crafting compelling narratives all seep into his work as a coordinator and filmmaker. 

To paint a complete picture of Miguel, one must highlight his role as a conduit, bridging the theatrical and digital realms and threading together the various stages of film production. His job involves coordinating the release of trailers, television, and social media assets—a role he performs with grace and creativity. 

Miguel del Campo, the proud Mexican filmmaker and project coordinator, is a testament to dedication, creativity, and passion. His dreams echo in the grandeur of the projects he undertakes, the seamlessness of the transitions he facilitates, and the stories he continues to craft—both on paper and on the silver screen. 

Follow Miguel del Campo’s journey and get to know more about him and his work on his social media profiles:

LinkedIn: Miguel del Campo

Instagram: @directedbymigueldelcampo

Twitter: @DirMiguedlCampo

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