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‘David Koresh Fan Club’ music video directed by Matthew Oates

Matthew Oates is a filmmaker with over twenty years of experience. He has written and directed projects for well known brands and companies including Crackle, Funny or Die, HBO and The Weinstein Company. Aside from narrative work Oates has also done extensive commercial work and digital ad campaigns. His advertising work has led to projects with Coca Cola, Doritos, Sony, and HTC.

Over the last three years Oates has been working in interactive entertainment, but has recently transitioned back into music videos, documentaries, and other short form content.

Recently Matthew Oates found himself bored in quarantine so he partnered with musician Nate Cole, and the two created a music video called “David Koresh Fan Club”. The music video won the award for Best Music Video at the Montreal Independent Film Festival.

Director’s statement about “David Koresh Fan Club”

“Independent musician Nate Cole and I, both bored and reeling from projects canceled by Covid, decided to get together and make a music video using only the resources at our disposal. The result is an extremely personal work about our shared childhood experiences within the evangelical Christian community.

“We hope you enjoy “David Koresh Fan Club,” and please know that the two of us shot the project in isolation, practicing safe distancing guidelines the entire time.”

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