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Samantha Long is a viral content creator and the creative director for South Korean pop star REI AMI. Prepared to be blown away by their latest video.

‘REI AMI’ by Samantha Long is the best music video in ages

When was the last time you watched a truly great music video? Considering that most people consume music these days through streaming apps, chances are good that it’s been a long while. Well, now there’s a video that’s too good to miss. “REI AMI” demands to not just be heard but also seen. The song was written by South Korean alt pop star REI AMI and directed by the multitalented Samantha Long.

“REI AMI” is ten times the video you would expect from a first time director, but Long has managed to pull together all her skills and years of experience to channel them into a phenomenal music video. Long is a viral content creator, choreographer, and entrepreneur who’s now proven that she’s exactly the woman you want sitting in the director’s chair.

REI AMI and Samantha Long have already been collaborators for years, but this video truly marks the beginning of a productive partnership between these young artists. In the future you can expect to see some truly groundbreaking work released, and the video for “REI AMI” is already a massive step in the right direction. Get a deeper look at the artists responsible for the video right here.



Samantha Long

At just 24 years old, Samantha Long has already established herself as a leader in viral media production. She was recently the host and co-producer of Lil Wayne’s UPROAR Festival which was held at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Last year, Long created one of the most watched Reels on Instagram and set off the viral #SamanthaLongChallenge.

Long’s talents have led her to working with a wide range of artists. She’s collaborated with Nicki Minaj, Janet Jackson, Paul McCartney, and Cheat Codes. Currently Long works as REI AMI’s creative director, and she put all her abilities into AMI’s latest video. “I am proud to have dove head first into an entirely new world of music video production and directing that has rewarded me more creatively than I ever could have dreamed,” Long said.

Long also says that she’s fully committed to promoting the work of women and using her platform to empower others. “ My message to other aspiring first-time female directors like me looking to make the jump,” she said, “is this – nobody told me I could do this, but I told me I could do this. Be a threat to everything that is holding you back.”


The music video envisions REI AMI’s fight for freedom, her struggles to become the one who terrorizes her own oppressors. The video travels from helicopter pads to closed down strip clubs and features stunning performances from Christian Blue, the real-life boyfriend of Samantha Long, and, of course, REI AMI herself. Response to the video has been overwhelmingly positive.

Longtime fans of REI AMI and newcomers are falling in love with the video and AMI’s music. It’s only a matter of time before she and Long drop their next stunning installment, and until then everyone in the music world will be waiting with bated breath. And hitting replay on that video.

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