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2023 New Media Film Festival

In today’s cinematic landscape, it can be difficult to distinguish quality from quantity. There’s so much of the latter than finding good examples of the former feels tougher than ever. That’s where the New Media Film Festival comes into play. It is a festival made for creatives by creatives, ensuring that only the highest quality work gets the spotlight.

The New Media Film Festival brings together the work of emerging video artists, whether they be from the United States or throughout the world. The festival was started in 2009, and has stayed true to its goal of both discovering and cultivating “highly creative work from emerging and seasoned content creators” ever since.

Those who may be unfamiliar with the New Media Film Festival will be impressed to learn that it is an official IMDb and UFFO accredited event. This not only means that it will draw more eyes to a given project than your average festival, but it will draw the eyes of executives and studios who can actually help a film connect with broader audiences. There have been countless examples of films that have screened at the New Media Film Festival and gone on to achieve a sizable following off the back of the right combination of networking, promoting and good timing.

Some of the previous festival winners have had the life-changing opportunity to meet with executives at HBO and Marvel, as well as gain access to highly-sought after filmmaking software and tech. The work made by these winners have received over 1000 distribution offers from such esteemed companies as AMC, Netflix, PBS, Amazon, Tubi, WB, FilmRise & ROKU. Simply put, a win at the New Media Film Festival could mean the difference between obscurity and long-lasting success.

The New Media Film Festival will be held on June 7-8-2023 in Los Angeles CA. There are an abundance of films that have been selected; each of which have demonstrated cutting-edge visuals, inventive perspectives, or timely narratives. 

Angelwood Films had nothing but positive things to say about the New Media Film Festival. “In the world of festivals, it is refreshing that there are no politics or pay to play at New Media Film Festival”, they wrote in a statement. “And it is run by a team of caring and passionate people that put the creators first and respects the content, not the profits.”

Given how the mainstream has been largely occupied by a few major studios over the past decade plus, it’s encouraging to see a festival like New Media take the necessary steps to both broaden the reach of filmmakers throughout the world and those who seek to expand the themes and capabilities of what a popular film can discuss. It’s needed now, more than ever.

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