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It's finally time for the 2022 Shift Your World Film Festival with opening remarks from Jeff Bridges. Make sure to reserve your free ticket today.

See Jeff Bridges at the 2022 Shift Your World Film Festival

The Shift Your World Film Festival is back and bigger than ever. This year the festival runs from February 17th through the 20th. The festival will open with remarks from renowned actor Jeff Bridges before going on to showcase features & shorts that will broaden your mind and open you up to a whole new world of experience. If you have a passion for film and exploring reality, this is going to be your dream festival.

The festival will be held entirely online, meaning that no matter where you are in the world you can still get in on all the excitement. What’s even better is that the first three days of the festival are entirely free. Make sure to reserve your ticket as soon as possible so you don’t miss a minute of the 2022 Shift Your World Film Festival.

If you need even more mind-blowing, film goodness you can upgrade to a VIP ticket. Being a VIP means you have access to the fourth day of the festival – Psychedelic Sunday – as well as having 14 day on-demand access to all the other films that the festival will be showing off. Before the festival begins, take a closer look at everything you’re about to experience, right here.


Days 1 -3

With a free ticket to the Shift Your World Film Festival, you’ll get access to the first three days of the event, which are broken into various categories. You’ll experience films about Health & Wellness, Sustainability & Regenerative Living, Peace & Social Justice, and Spirituality & Mysticism. Each of the categories are designed to give you a better view of the world and your relationship to it.

The categories will also highlight some of the most exciting films & filmmakers in the world today. You’ll see shorts like Joe Buffalo, Amazonia 241, and Let’s Pollute. You’ll see feature films like The Way of Miracles, The Seeds of Vandana Shiva, and The Story of Plastic. You’ll get to sit back and enjoy amazing documentaries like Not Going Quietly, The Revolution Generation, Becoming Nobody, Us Kids, and Tahi: The Human Journey.

You’ll even get a first-ever look at a brand new docuseries Changing of the Gods. The work shown at the Shift Your World Film Festival will challenge your understanding of film and deepen your appreciation for life here on Earth.

Day 4

If you want to attend Psychedelic Sunday – and we’d recommend it – you’ll need to upgrade to a VIP ticket. The Sunday stretch of the festival examines the booming world of psychedelics and their increasingly common usage throughout the world.

You’ll get to check out projects like Psychedelia, Dying To Know: Ram Dass and Timothy Leary, Aware: Glimpses of Consciousness, From Shock to Awe, and The Wisdom of Trauma. You’ll also get access to bonus content like Kapaemahu, and the 20th anniversary edition of 1 Giant Leap.

The Shift Your World Film Festival is just about to begin. All it’s waiting on is you. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity, reserve your free ticket to the festival today.

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