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Intrigue, mystery, ghosts, aliens, and murder plots: 'Adam's Package' has it all. Get a look at the best indie comedy available on streaming now.

Go for an out-of-this-world ride with ‘Adam’s Package’

If you’re a fan of ghosts, aliens, murder plots, and over-the-top comedies, there’s a new indie film fresh on streaming platforms that’s perfect for you. Adam’s Package is an out-of-this-world comedy directed by Andrew Chiaramonte and written by Chiaramonte & Emmett Alston. The film is currently available to stream on Apple TV+, Amazon Prime, iTunes, Google Play, Vudu, and YouTube. You can also watch for free on Tubi.

The film stars Andrew Rogers as the titular Adam, a male model stuck in his home while serving out house arrest for a crime he didn’t commit. Luckily for Adam, his home life is anything but boring. His new condo is haunted by an opera singing ghost (played by Shay Denison), and his ex-wife (Zoquera Milburn) may or may not have hired a hitman to kill him. That’s only the start of Adam’s problems.

The film is a joyous comedic romp through a series of otherworldly premises that’s sure to delight fans of sci-fi, mystery, or plain old slapstick comedy. Get ready for some exciting twists and turns and a whole lot of laughs by coming along for a deeper look at Adam’s Package.

Has everyone gone crazy?

Adam’s life has gone from pretty sweet to entirely off the rails. He was living a happily divorced life, working as a male model, and finding himself a new condo to call home. When he’s convicted of a crime and sentenced to house arrest, he thinks life will calm down a bit, but he couldn’t be more wrong.

Soon enough Adam meets Eve (Serena Hendrix), and house arrest starts looking a lot more like a honeymoon. Unfortunately, the peace is doomed not to last. Adam’s ex-wife sends a hitman named Harry (Tim Mollen) to take him out. Then, the ghost living in Adam’s apartment reveals a mysterious package hidden in the house that seemingly contains proof of alien life.

Suddenly, Adam is balancing a burgeoning love interest with a fight for survival. As if a hitman wasn’t bad enough, government agents, desperate to recover the mysterious package hidden in the condo, start chasing Adam down. Things start moving a mile a minute, and no one knows how Adam’s situation will ultimately turn out.

Bringing Adam’s story to life

Adam’s Package is produced by Chiaramonte Films, Inc., the production company started by the film’s director, Andrew Chiaramonte. Chiaramonte Films’s previous work includes the five-part miniseries Star Struck, and the feature films The Young and the Cursed, Twogether, as well as other films, shorts, and music videos.

Emmett Alston co-wrote Adam’s Package with Andrew Chiaramonte. The collaboration between the two has received plenty of critical acclaim. It also earned an impressive array of awards, including Best Comedy Feature at the Malta Film Festival in 2021 and Best Feature Film at the 2020 Milan Gold Awards.

This is a raunchy, out-of-this-world comedy that you absolutely won’t want to miss. Luckily, getting a hold of Adam’s Package is easy. You can watch the film on any of your favorite streaming services, and you can catch up with the production on its official website.

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