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Actor and Producer Greg Tally: A Multifaceted Talent in the Entertainment Industry

We are proud to celebrate the accomplishments of character actor, comedian, and producer Greg Tally, a 1991 graduate from the Theater Department of the High School for the Performing & Visual Arts. With an impressive career spanning various aspects of the entertainment industry, Tally has made a name for himself as a versatile and creative force.

Known for his acting roles in “Swamp Lion” and “Honey & Clover: A Recipe for Disaster,” Tally has also showcased his writing prowess as a co-author of the radio plays “Soylent Scrooge: Or Christmas Is Made of People” and “Airport Insecurity.” Additionally, he is the author of “The Broken Pot: A Lost Greek Comedy of Aristophanes” and “Master Howleglas’s Medieval Drive Time Radio Show.”

Tally is known for his memorable role as Brett in “Night of the Tommyknockers,” a thrilling film in which miners inadvertently unleash ancient creatures known as Tommyknockers on the town of Deer Creek, Nevada. He also played Midnight the Goth in  the creature feature “Bermuda Island,” where passengers en route to a tropical paradise crash at sea, only to find themselves on a deserted island with more challenges and mysteries than they could have imagined.

As an executive producer and co-host of the Rondo Hatton Award-winning Revival League Podcast, which aired 2015-2021 as the Damn Dirty Drive-In, Tally continues to bring his unique perspective and passion for storytelling to a wide audience.

With over 32 films in production, including the highly anticipated “American Trash,” “Alien Danger,” “Black Mass,” and “Devil’s Knight,” Greg Tally’s impressive body of work continues to grow. For a comprehensive list of his filmography and to stay updated on his latest projects, please visit his IMDb page at

Outside of his work in the entertainment industry, Tally owns a dinosaur-themed hotel in Denver, Colorado, further demonstrating his creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.

As Greg Tally continues to explore and expand his talents in various forms of media, his dedication to the arts and ability to captivate audiences make him a standout figure in the world of entertainment.

Tally is an accomplished actor and producer will be attending the prestigious 76th Cannes Film Festival. With an impressive body of work to his name, Tally has proven himself to be a dynamic and captivating presence in the entertainment industry.

For more information and updates on Greg Tally’s projects, please follow him on social media channels.

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