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ABK Cinema is utilizing the country's unique resources, to showcase its results to the worldwide market. Here's what you need to know.

Discover ABK Cinema. A New Player in the Film Industry

What do you know about Georgia? You might have heard it’s a Cradle of Wine, having an 8000-year History of Winemaking, and where the oldest human skulls, belonging to the first Homo Erectus, were discovered. Perhaps you’re aware of Ancient Colchis, where the Argonauts landed, in present-day Georgia. 

But did you know this small country has everything from Seas to Snow-capped Peaks and even a Desert, making it a Unique Filming Destination?  

  • Total Area: 69,700 square km. Time Zone: GMT/ UTC+4. 
  • Climate: Georgia includes 12 climate zones. This Climatic diversity allows for Filming in different weather and landscape conditions.
  • Topography: The Country’s terrain includes the Greater Caucasus Mountains to the north and the Lesser Caucasus Mountains to the south, with fertile valleys and plateaus in between. 
  • Biodiversity: Georgia’s diverse flora and fauna encompasses unique and endemic species, offering ample opportunities for nature-centric Filming. 
  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Georgia has several UNESCO-listed sites, such as the Historic Centers of Tbilisi and Mtskheta, providing culturally and historically rich backdrops for Filmmaking.

Let’s zoom in on the mountains. In 2021, at an altitude of 5,000 meters, a camera crew appeared on a glacier. They’re not just cameramen but International Mountain Guides trained to film in crazy remote places. In 2021 GMGA [Georgia’s Mountain Guide Association] became a member of IFMGA  [International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations] and together with them ABK MTA started to operate in this unexploited field. 

  • SCENIC DIVERSITY Georgia has diverse landscapes, which include 12 climate zones, allowing filmmakers to recreate various settings, from ancient civilizations to contemporary urban environments.
  • HISTORIC AND ARCHITECTURAL RICHNESS Georgia’s rich cultural heritage, including churches, fortresses, villages, etc., enables filmmakers to delve into the ancient history of Georgia. 
  • COST EFFECTIVE PRODUCTION Georgia offers competitive production costs while maintaining high quality, making it attractive for Hollywood productions with tight budgets. 
  • UNIQUE CULTURE AND TRADITIONS Georgia’s diverse culture, folklore, delicious cuisine, and warm and hospitable Georgian people will make your production experience unforgettable. 
  • ACCESSIBILITY Due to its location, Georgia is easily accessible from major international airports. Traveling between locations is both time and cost-effective. 
  • FILM FRIENDLY INFRASTRUCTURE Georgia is rich in the film industry infrastructure, equipment rental companies, and highly skilled crews. The country is trying to create the best environment for filmmakers in this direction. 
  • SAFETY AND SECURITY: Georgia’s political stability and welcoming atmosphere contribute to a stress-free filming experience. 
  • UNTAMED YET ACCESSIBLE MOUNTAINS The southern reaches of the Caucasus remain untouched by humans. This unique environment offers an exceptional opportunity for adventurous individuals to capture the raw beauty of unspoiled nature. The minimal red tape in obtaining filming permits for mountainous areas sets Georgia apart from Europe. 
  • ABK MTA is an Extreme Production for Professional Filming in Hard-to-Reach Locations. Our tight-knit team, featuring experienced cameramen, internationally certified Mountain Guides, and a dedicated creative force, excels in capturing footage under challenging conditions. heritage, including Soviet Architecture, Churches, Fortresses, Villages, etc., enables filmmakers to delve into the ancient history of Georgia

The story goes way back. ABK MTA, Georgia’s first extreme production, started as part of the ABK Communication Agency, which has been around since 2008 and has 15 years of experience. The company is run by the Akhvlediani family, which has been in the film industry since the 70s.

In 2023, ABK Cinema, an Independent Film Production is utilizing the country’s unique resources, to showcase its results to the worldwide market. 

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