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A Timely and Powerful Documentary: Seeking Asylum

Produced by: Rae Ceretto and Kelly Scott

The Biden Administration has just placed a ban on Asylum seekers.

The proposed policy by the Biden Administration would prohibit asylum seekers who traveled through another country on their way to the southern U.S. border from seeking asylum, except if they had already applied for asylum elsewhere and were denied or received an appointment at a port of entry using a new U.S. government smartphone app. However, these requirements may not be feasible or practical for many individuals seeking protection, as some may not be able to find safety in their initial destination countries due to violence or persecution similar to that in their home country.

Additionally, Mexico, through which many asylum seekers travel to reach the U.S., is already one of the largest recipients ofasylum applications. While it may be a viable option for some, it facesalarminglevels of violence and may not be safe for many.

Seeking Asylum is a documentary that is now vitally important to watch!

The filmmakers, Rae Ceretto and Kelly Scott, portray the journey of the Gallardo family as they escape from Honduras, fearing for their lives due to threats from a drug trafficker who plans to burn down their home while they sleep. The documentary sheds light on the struggles and obstacles that migrants encounter while seeking asylum in the United States.

Despite a seemingly flawed system, the film chronicles the relentless pursuit of one woman to protect her family and secure a safe haven in the US. Against the backdrop of America’s uncertain times, the film showcases the struggles of asylum seekers and emphasizes the critical role of asylum in fulfilling the American Dream. By highlighting the difficulties of seeking asylum, the documentary aims to raise awareness about the global refugee crisis.

The documentary draws attention to the power vacuum created by the United States’ policies in Central America, which has allowed gangs to violently control regions across several countries along the Central American land bridge. The film underscores the urgency of addressing these issues and suggests that ignoring them is not an option.

The documentary’s main takeaway is that asylum is a legal right, and it is a humanitarian issue that should be less politicized. Historically, the United States has been able to welcome those fleeing persecution, and more people need to see all asylum seekers as human beings in need of refuge and not as political scapegoats.

I rented this documentary on Amazon and I was overwhelmed by the story of this mother just trying to build a better life for her family in the United States!  Everyone needs to watch this film to truly understand the sacrifices asylum seekers make in their lives for their loved ones.

C.S., Burlington VT.

Over 70% of Americans Support Asylum

“Seeking Asylum” is a thought-provoking film that raises awareness about the plight of asylum seekers in the United States. It is a must-watch for anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of the struggles faced by these individuals and the urgent need to address the refugee crisis globally. It has received rave reviews at private screenings across the country and those who rented it at home.

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