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Vasarii is the personal care company we all need during this time. Check out why they'll be your new favorite company.

Here is why Vasarii is a personal care company that we love

There are so many big brands and little brands out there now that all have their own unique selling point. Sometimes customers stick to the big brands because they’re scared to step out of their comfort zone, whereas other customers are dedicated to finding the right brand for them and are willing to try out different products.

Regardless of what position you are in, we all know that it’s important to have a good deodorant as part of our health and skin care routine. Just like your face, every part of your body is just as important and needs to be taken care of with the best products out there. When it comes to armpits in general, they are known to be a sensitive area which is why it’s crucial to find a product that doesn’t harm your skin and actually protects it instead.

That’s why we love Vasarii. This personal care and health brand is devoted to creating organic products that protect your skin in every way. Their main product is nakd.Thai Crystal Deodorant which only has natural ingredients and no adverse aluminium. 

Vasarii is the personal care company we all need during this time. Check out why they'll be your new favorite company.

Their amazing deodorant

nakd.Thai Crystal Deodorant is a mineral salt stick deodorant that can be applied in 60 seconds right after you take your shower, in order to prevent any bacteria from forming in your sweat glands. We have tested this product and we can say that it does prevent odor for 24 hours and you don’t get any stains on your clothing at all when using it. 

However, another reason why we love Vasarii is because of their ethos. This personal care company is known to be environmentally friendly and doesn’t test on animals. In fact, the whole manufacturing process is cruelty-free, because the founder of the company Joshua Spilewski is against harming and harvesting resources that can lead to a greater decline of biodiversity. That means you can also recycle the packaging once you’ve finished with your deodorant and buy this product again without feeling guilty at all!

But the company’s positive image doesn’t stop there; they give back to communities too. We admire Vasarii because they have been known to donate 10% of their profits back to the communities in Thailand, which is where their deodorant is made. They have donated to several charities so far, including animal rescue, marine protection and children refugee charities Pure Blue Foundation, Pete’s Mission and Kwah Dao.

Vasarii is the personal care company we all need during this time. Check out why they'll be your new favorite company.

The real facts

We believe in supporting businesses that are sustainable and are a benefit to our environment. In fact, many agricultural and conglomerate companies have contributed to the increase of deforestation, which is now estimated that there will only be 10% of forests existing by the year of 2030. Scary right? 

This is because many companies use palm oils for their products, which can also be found in beauty and personal care products in our own homes. However, Vasarii has made sure to not harvest these kinds of ingredients that have caused an ecological impact to our environment, but instead they have found alternatives that don’t cause any harm.

There are many shoppers out there that are now conscious of what they’re buying and understand that it’s not too late to make a change. We are those customers who have discovered the incredible products that Vasarii sells and we support this small company all the way. 

Vasarii was created as a company in 2018, but officially started selling their products in 2019, with their online store on their website. Many shoppers soon discovered that this company is known to sell organic and sustainable products, which is why they became so successful.

Vasarii does not have any physical stores, but instead a strong online presence as an E Commerce store that is easily accessible to anyone globally. We also love how they treat their customers with care and have been highly praised for the fact that our opinions really do count. 

We look forward to the new year, especially in January, because this company will be releasing their very first mineral salt spray deodorant that is natural in every way. But for now we will continue rolling on with their current deodorant that has exceeded our expectations.

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