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From using contraceptives to practicing self-care, learn more about how sexual health helps reduce stress in relationships and in the bedroom.

Importance of (sexual) health

Human beings are complex by nature. Many internal chemical processes take place without us noticing them. All the feelings, the reaction of the skin to a touch… It is incredible to stop and think about everything that happens internally without perceiving it. 

Even in actions as simple as a kiss. That is why it is important to stop and try to understand all this. Especially in order to take care of one’s own body, as time goes by faster and faster and the body is deteriorating little by little. 

Especially in those situations in which more sensitive areas are used, such as in sexual relations, and even more so in those that occur sporadically and you do not know the other person 100% like with independent escorts in Mumbai. There is growing concern about the increase in the spread of some Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

sexual health 

Sexuality and sexual health are natural things that the majority of the population practices and lives on every day. But even with the ease provided by the different Internet platforms, social networks, forums, and a long etcetera, they are still taboo subjects and largely unknown.

That is why it is important to take care of oneself, to know one’s own body, and to maintain good sexual health. This is because there is an exchange of fluids and very sensitive parts of the human anatomy are involved. It is therefore very easy for infection or damage to occur if care is not taken carefully.

sexual health

What affects sexual health?

Clearly, it is important to take care of it, but the big question is how? A question that is generally focused on “put on a condom” or “take birth control pills”. But this is a much broader issue and is influenced by many, many more factors. 

It is an intimate, personal, voluntary act that is dominated by passion, attraction, and pleasure. So it is affected by many things. Some of the most important of these are:

sexual health

  • Rhythm of life: Society is moving faster and faster and with new technologies, there is no time for rest. Production and making money has become a priority and the main concern of most people. 

This can lead to problems of anxiety, stress, and even depression and other more serious consequences such as erectile dysfunction and even sterility. That is why experts recommend a good rest in which you also think about yourself, your tastes, hobbies and so on.

sexual health

  • Social pressure: Especially among young people, they are losing their virginity earlier and earlier; there are even many young local Aussie escorts who offer sexual services, so they need to be informed more than anyone else in order to have more security in their work.  

With groups of friends, it is an important step and a reason to celebrate in many cases. The opinions and comments of those closest to you are often the most important and most influential in your decisions and actions. Moreover, it is still a taboo subject and can even be “frowned upon”.

sexual health

  • Contraceptive methods: The pill, the condom, the patch, the ring, IUD. . . There is a multitude of very different types to prevent the dreaded unwanted pregnancies. Unfortunately, they are not all equally accessible in all parts of the world. So, in the end, it can be a problem to get one. 
  • Environment, culture, family, and traditions: Depending on whether you are born in a big city, in a village, or in one country or another, ways of life and customs change to a large extent. Sexuality is not experienced in the same way, nor are there certain prejudices or labels towards certain sexual practices.

sexual health

The importance of sexual health

As mentioned earlier in the text, it is important to take care of oneself and be aware of all the dangers a person is exposed to when engaging in any sexual practice. From more explicit acts, including oral sex, to something as innocent as kissing and getting a small mouth injury. 

This is a global concern and many governments are taking action and even passing laws to change and improve it. But this does not diminish the pleasure of the act. What is sought is that for a moment of pleasure you do not have any of these problems: 

  • Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and infections: According to the WHO, approximately one million of these are contracted every day throughout the world. Many of them are still curable. They can be transmitted in different ways, which is why experts recommend the use of “barrier methods” such as condoms. 

sexual health

  • Unwanted pregnancies are due to not using the most recommended means of contraception.
  • Erectile dysfunction: This is a very sensitive part of the body and is highly influenced by the mental and physical state. Routine, stress, or anxiety can be some of the most natural causes of this type of problem. 
  • Anorgasmia: This is the inability to feel enough pleasure to have orgasms. It can be caused by other worries, stress, tiredness, routine… When it comes to sexual relations, you have to let yourself go and concentrate only on the place and the moment you are in.

sexual health

  • Lack of sexual desire: In everyday life, there is an over-stimulation between telephones, computers, work, noise, buildings, technologies. There is more and more of it, which means that there is never complete satisfaction and even more is needed to produce pleasure and desire.

For all these reasons, the use of different barrier methods, such as condoms, is recommended against possible pregnancies and STDs. In addition to regular visits to the doctor for check-ups and tests for early detection in the event of infection.

What do you do to maintain your sexual health?

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