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The rowing machine is a useful workout tool. Find out which rowing machines are best suited to your fitness needs.

The best rowing machine workouts to try this year

Cardio can get boring really quickly, so you need to know ways to mix it up to keep yourself motivated. Using a row machine is a great way to get a quick and easy cardio workout for your whole-body in. Some exercises on a row machine can burn up to 700 calories! Find the best low caffeine pre workout for you.

If you are looking for some rowing machine workouts or muay thai foot wraps, look no further. We are going to talk about three of the best workouts you can perform on a row machine to burn the most calories for an effective workout. 

Rowing basics

Most people think that using a row machine requires a ton of upper body strength, but it actually works your lower body more. Your legs and hips do most of the work when it comes to powering up your rowing stroke. You begin the movement with your legs, then you engage your back and core, then your arms come last. The perfect machine for shred fat burner.

Workout #1: HIIT Sprints

If you don’t have a lot of time to get a workout in, high-intensity interval training is a great way to get in a great sweat quickly. You can improve your strength in as little as 20-minutes, not including your warm up or cool down. 

With this exercise, you can burn around 300 calories total in that 20-minute time frame. To achieve this, try to keep your strokes between 26 and 32 and make sure you are always in control of how fast you are moving your legs. 

To perform this workout, you will spend 30 seconds rowing at your maximum effort and resting for 30 seconds. You will keep repeating this round five times for one interval. You can complete as many intervals as you want in the amount of time you have available.

Workout #2: Pyramid Power

This workout takes a longer amount of time than the previous and takes a little more effort as well. You will want to keep the same pace throughout the entire workout for maximum results. You can expect to burn around 450 calories with this workout.

To perform this exercise, you work in time periods that ascend then descend. You start rowing for one minute and resting for one minute. You would then repeat this process for two minutes, three minutes, and four minutes. Once you reach four minutes, you will start working your way back down to one minute.

Workout #3: Lean Leapfrog

This is the most challenging and time-consuming exercise out of the three. This exercise is anaerobic, meaning it breaks down glucose for energy without oxygen. Much like a weight-lifting session, you will exert your muscles and be left with that burns-so-good feeling. This exercise can burn up to 700 calories in 40 minutes.

To perform this exercise, you will row as fast and as powerful as you can for one minute then rest for one minute. You will repeat this seven times, then rest for 2 minutes. Repeat for three rounds for maximum results of this exercise.


Cardio can be extremely boring, so it is important to switch up your exercises, so you don’t lose any motivation. Using a row machine for your cardio is a great way to get a full body workout with very little impact on your joints and bones.

Depending on which exercise you choose, you can burn around 700 calories in as little as 40 minutes. That is about 17.5 calories per minute! A very effective workout that will burn fat and build muscle at the same time. You will work mot of your body at one time with this machine.

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