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Have you ever wanted to change your physical appearance? Discover what's possible with all the modern day types of plastic surgery procedures.

The Different Types of Plastic Surgery Procedures

Many people wish to make changes to their appearance and attain their beauty objectives. They might feel the need to correct their existing body and facial features or might have some issues that require a remedy. And for this, cosmetic plastic surgery is a good option. You can visit Simply Aesthetic for more plastic surgery procedures.

Simply put, the process of cosmetic surgery can enhance the skin’s appearance and also tighten it. That aside, it can add and remove hair, manage facial features, and many more. But it would help if you got the plastic surgery done from a reputed place and under a reputable surgeon. Dr. John Rosdeutscher of Nubody Concepts is one of Nashville’s best plastic surgeons.

Plastic surgery can also be used for medical purposes, for instance, for people who have had accidents or who need to repair scars from surgery and restore a body part function. Today, there are many plastic surgery procedures available. Here are some of the popular ones that people choose from:

Breast augmentation

The process of breast augmentation indicates the procedure that maximizes the breast size or changes its shape. When the breast size increases, the process gets known as breast implant surgery. Breast augmentation is different from breast reduction or breast lifts, which are other surgical procedures.



The process of dermabrasion makes use of a tool that sands down the skin’s top layer very gently. Once this skin layer is removed, the skin area heals, and the new skin replaces the old. The outcome is smooth skin. The process gets used for:

  • Wrinkles
  • Acne scars
  • Age spots
  • Sun-damaged skin
  • Lesions or growth on the skin
  • Crow’s feet

Facelift surgery

The facelift process repairs wrinkled, sagging, drooping, or loose skin on your face. And during this process, the facial tissues get lifted, skin gets replaced, and the excess skin gets removed. The facelifts also come with neck lifts. The other processes that usually accompany facelift surgery are forehead lifts, nose reshaping, and eyelid surgery.

Lip augmentation surgery

A lip augmentation surgery helps to give a patient beautiful and fuller-looking lips. Generally, the injectable dermal fillers get used for maximizing the lip structure, shape, or volume. The results of lip augmentation surgery aren’t permanent. Usually, the effects last for about six months, and after that, you will require another surgery session to restore the lip volume and shape.


The process of rhinoplasty refers to any surgical procedure that reshapes and repairs the nose. Some patients choose the process of rhinoplasty for multiple cosmetic reasons. Others have medical reasons, for instance, congenital disabilities and difficulty breathing. Rhinoplasty surgery can get used for the following:

  • Change the nose angle and position
  • Reduce or increase the patient’s nose size
  • Change the nose bridge shape
  • Correct the congenital disabilities
  • Narrow the nostril shape
  • Correct issues that occur after an injury
  • Improve or relieve breathing problems

These are some of the essential plastic surgery procedures that you need to know about. Also, if you have some other requirements, you can check with a reputed clinic and get the relevant data about it. To know more about this, you can check out Stratus Plastic Surgery.

Nose job surgery

The nose job is another popular plastic surgery which gets used to change the shape or size of a person’s nose (or give them an entirely new one). It can also be known as rhinoplasty. Most people, who wish to go under the knife, want their noses changed because of the following reasons:

  •       Asymmetrical noses
  •       Big or bulbous noses
  •       Flat noses

Buttock augmentation surgery

Buttock implants and butt lifts are other popular cosmetic plastic surgeries that can give you a bigger and shapelier behind. And when you get a buttock augmentation surgery, it enhances the volume and contour of your buttocks area. For both the implants and lifts, surgeons use either silicone implants or fat injections to give patients bigger and shapelier butts at once.

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