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Do you need a personal trainer? Find out whether you should get one with these useful tips.

Are You Prepared to Be a Personal Trainer?

Becoming a certified personal trainer takes a lot of hard work and commitment. This career is one that is deeply satisfying for those in the fitness industry, and one that can bring a lot of joy to people who are passionate about fitness. When it comes to getting your certification, there is a lot of hard work and studying. 

Not only are these exams challenging, but the study material that a person needs to master can be daunting. Getting your certification and mastering the knowledge to do well on exam day is the first big step to becoming a successful personal trainer. If you have been wanting to find out how you can do this, here is everything you need to know. 

You Need the Right Tools

Exams like the NASM CPT certification test are not easy. They require a lot of hard work and studying in order to get the passing grade that you need to become a personal trainer. The good news is that while these exams were designed to challenge you, with the right tools, you can take them with confidence. The trick is to learn how to work smarter and not harder. If you are planning on taking the NASM CPT exam, make sure you don’t miss out on these tools.

The Practice Exam

Taking a NASM practice test is one of the best ways to prepare for test day. When it comes to all of the work that goes into getting the exam score you want, it can be easy to try and find a corner to cut. This is a lot of material to cover, so a practice exam might feel like something that you don’t really need to achieve your goals. While yes, a practice test is a lot of hard work, its benefits far outweigh the effort. 

Structuring a practice exam to your study schedule has two main benefits it helps to give you a definable, and achievable goal, and it helps to give you an assessment of the knowledge you need. Finding ways to break up the big goal of passing an exam into smaller, more achievable goals will help you stay motivated while studying, and can help to increase your confidence. A practice test is a perfect opportunity to do this. Grab a calendar, pick the date of your practice test and work up to it. It can help give you direction and motivation for your studying. 

Secondly, when you take an exam, you get a chance to put the books down and really see where your level of knowledge is at. This is crucial for being sure you use your study time wisely. A good practice test will help to identify areas of knowledge that you are weak in as well as those that you are strong in. This can help you to leverage your time so you can study what you need to study. 

Yes, a practice test is a lot of hard work, but it’s got great benefits that can give you a huge payoff on exam day. 

Get a Study Guide

To be prepared for your exam, another vital tool that can help you out is a study guide. A study guide is a tool that helps bring structure to your studying period. Getting certified as a personal trainer takes learning a lot of knowledge. The sheer scope of information that these exams cover can be daunting. A study guide helps to bring structure to that information so that you can create a strategic, study plan.

One of the worst feelings in the world is when you study really hard for an exam, just to show up and feel like you weren’t familiar with what was actually on the test. A study guide helps direct your attention toward high-yield concepts that will be represented on the exam. Working hard isn’t the only criteria for getting the score you want, you also have to be sure you are working smart. A study guide can help you do just that. 

Invest into More Than Just Studying

One of the skills that you will be learning and using as a personal trainer, is building out schedules and programs. When you are studying for your certification exam, it’s important to remember that you need more on your schedule than just studying. Prioritize your health, get good sleep, eat good food, and get a proper amount of exercise. Also, it’s important to periodically unplug when studying for exams, so be sure and schedule some fun activities like hanging out with friends.


When you sit and study all day for an exam, it can be easy to let anxiety creep into the picture. By prioritizing sleep, food, exercise, and some fun – you can avoid the mistake of allowing anxiety to make you miserable. Excess anxiety isn’t just bad for your health, but it’s also bad for test days. Finding ways to prioritize your health can help to mitigate your anxiety and give you a better chance of becoming the certified personal trainer you want to be.

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