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Low impact exercise can often be useful if you don't want to strain your joints. Learn more about low impact exercise here.

The Benefit of Low Impact Exercise

When most people think of starting an exercise routine to improve their overall health and fitness, they mistakenly think jumping in feet first is the most effective way to broach the subject. They couldn’t be more wrong! Making any lifestyle change should be eased into and constantly evolving. 

The best approach to starting a workout routine is to begin with low impact exercises. Especially if you are not accustomed to working out, taking a steady stroll on a treadmill will be more effective and have less side effects than jumping into going for a job or hitting the weights fast and furious. A brisk 30 minute walk, when you aren’t used to working out, will give you a good workout with less muscle soreness. 

The key to making exercise a part of your normal routine is to find something you enjoy. It lends to reason if you are dreading working out because it’s a chore, it will be a constant battle trying to convince yourself to stick to it. Look into local fitness classes and sign up for one that you would enjoy being a part of. Being around like-minded people can also help to keep you motivated and on track.


If you are of the school of thought that if you don’t push yourself to your limit you won’t lose weight or shape your body the way you hope to. You couldn’t be more wrong. Not only do you risk hurting yourself but you will do more harm than good. The key to success is to start slowly

Let your body get used to your new demands. As your body adjusts and your routine becomes easier, then you slowly add to it. Slow but steady steps in the right direction are how you build endurance and muscle.

If you are new to exercise, not only are you getting into a new mindset and experience, but your body is too. It will seem like work at the start. Don’t let that discourage you. Soon after you begin, your body will thank you by rewarding you with more energy than you’re used to and a sense of excitement and accomplishment. Friends and trainers mean well, but only you know your body, listen to it. 

If your discomfort is more intense than moderate, take a break.

Fun and Effective

Low impact exercise is the beginner’s best friend. Trainers refer to low impact as an activity in which you keep at least one foot on the ground. These are supposed to be things that you enjoy doing that are also great for your body. They help you to build strength, muscle, and stamina. These exercises are great for your body because they help you to stretch and improve your overall health. 

These types of movements are easier on your joints but still get your heart pumping and give you the benefits of working out. Pilates is one such example, this type of exercise focuses on stretching and strengthening your core muscles. 

Using an elliptical machine is an excellent, low-impact, whole body routine. You could even take part in water aerobics. These are fun-filled workouts that are no gravity, which overworked joints love, but they still get your blood moving and show you that you can get fit, work hard but still have fun doing it. 

Remember, you’re looking to make long-term changes, so finding activities that you enjoy or find fun, will help you along your journey. 

Keep in mind, the only person you are in competition with is yourself. Do yourself proud and keep striving to do the best YOU can.

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