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Los Angeles Dentist and His Team Have Blend Dentistry With Comfort

Fear of going to a dentist has become so common among the general public that it even has its own official moniker; “dentophobia”. For years Dr. Igal Elyassi has made it his purpose to prevent the feeling of fear that comes along with a visit to the dentist’s office. Dr. Elyassi is a Los Angeles-based dentist who founded Wilshire Smile Studio and has made it his purpose to provide a comfortable and relaxing environment for patients. 

He describes his practice, Wilshire Smile Studio in Hollywood near Beverly Hills, as a top “multi-specialty dental group in the L.A. area,”able to provide virtually almost every oral health treatment needed to minimize having to refer to other practices.”

And you can expect an efficient and virtually painless experience. Dr. Elyassi shares the difference as “it’s very personable care because you’re working in people’s mouths, so make sure to give the patient top quality dentistry while making them comfortable.” Dr. Elyassi has built a team of talented practitioners who conduct dental care to the highest degree of excellence, from the most effective dental hygienists who can prevent periodontal infections to a top oral surgeon

A Blend of Art and Science

Dr. Elyassi recognized his purpose when he had several of his own bad experiences in dentistry when he was young. 

“Dentistry is a blend of art and science that can transform people’s lives. I personally had some negative experiences as a kid, so I took the challenge to help people have great smiles. My team loves to be able to help patients stop being in pain from their dental problems.” 

Because of his passion for his patients, Dr. Elyassi has created a flourishing and compassionate institution.

Commitment to Comfort and Safety

“We have a beautiful view from our office. It’s very inviting. It’s not a small, claustrophobic room like so many,” he said. “It’s also a matter of working with the patient. A bottle of water, a coffee, and trying to run your business smoothly, unlike at so many other practices.”

While waiting, patients can read magazines, learn about cosmetic dentistry options from books, or listen to their favorite podcasts with earphones. When in the dental chair, they can receive treatments while watching movies or listening to music. 

Everyone is required to wear masks to ensure safety and Wilshire Smile Studio goes to great lengths to make sure all aspects of the practice maximizes health and safety.

Staying Up-To-Date

Dr. Elyassi makes sure his staff implements the best procedures because of his dedication to excellence. He does not let his practice fall behind on the latest dental developments and procedures are flawlessly executed.

When it comes to dental technology, this entails using lasers for a variety of treatments, digital instant molds instead of having to make messy physical mouth impressions, digital x-rays (which involve minimal radiation), and CT scans when a fuller 3-D image is important.

A True Professional

Dr. Elyassi graduated from University of Southern California School of Dentistry, established the Wilshire Smile Studio in 2002, and is the former president of the Los Angeles chapter of the prestigious Alpha Omega International dental fraternity.

Connect With Dr. Elyassi

Dr. Elyassi enjoys traveling, and is also a lover of sports; basketball, soccer, and his favorite team; FC Barcelona. He loves spending time with family and friends and attending concerts and fun events in Los Angeles. 

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