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Living a Life of Purpose and Inspiration: Unveiling the Journey of Kamilah Stevenson

At the age of 16, Dr. Kamilah Stevenson was well on her way to becoming an Olympic runner, but a health issue stopped her in her tracks. “Out of nowhere, I started having these episodes where my heart would start pounding through my chest and I couldn’t get my heart rate down,” she shares. “It eventually got so bad that I had to turn down all of the full-ride college scholarships offered to me.”

One of the most difficult things for Dr. Kamilah to accept as she realized she would never become an Olympic athlete was that her problems were caused by an unhealthy diet.

“Prioritizing my health didn’t matter to me until it started to prevent me from achieving my dreams,” Dr. Kamilah says. “When my reckless eating habits finally caught up with me, I realized that passion and commitment aren’t enough to get you where you want to go. You can’t achieve your dreams with a deteriorating body that is the result of eating like a zombie.”

It took Dr. Kamilah ten years to repair the damage her eating habits caused, but today her health is back on track. Not only is she a model of physical fitness, but she is also a degreed counselor, mental health advocate, and health coach who is on a mission to help others value themselves and accelerate their journey toward optimal health.

“I came to understand that your body is the vessel for your mind and soul,” Dr. Kamilah says. “It is your way of showing up in the world. When you have a healthy mindset, you can achieve a healthy lifestyle. That leads to a body built to help you achieve your dreams.”

The question that changed her life

The amazing transformation Dr. Kamilah experienced began with a question.

“During the dark season, when I was struggling with my health, I wondered to myself what it would be like if people didn’t need to seek healing because they never got sick,” Dr. Kamilah shares. “That question caused me to look at my life, my health, and my future differently. It was that question that ultimately took me from Flamin’ Hots to cayenne pepper shots.”

The life-changing lesson Dr. Kamilah learned during that time — and the lesson she is driven to share with others today — is that choosing not to think about your health costs you everything. “Ignoring the truth about the way you treat your body may not immediately affect you, but it will surely cost you later,” Dr. Kamilah says. “I sincerely hope you don’t wait until you are dying to think about living.”

Taking charge of her health

The health issues Dr. Kamilah had as a teenager landed her in the office of a cardiovascular specialist. As she sat in the waiting room, anxious for her turn, she noticed a picture on the wall showing the doctor running track.

“When I learned that he was a runner, I thought I was in good hands,” Dr. Kamilah says. “I thought he would understand my story, that he could relate, but all he did was prescribe medication. He didn’t ask me about any of the important factors that were affecting my heart and my health.”

Dr. Kamilah’s experience with her heart doctor led her to realize that she needed to take responsibility for her own health. So, she dedicated herself to learning about the effects of the ingredients in the food she was eating, learning all she could about vitamin therapy, herbs, and the positive impact that exercise could have on her health.

“Everything I learned empowered me,” Dr. Kamilah says. “I’ve become stronger and healthier, and I have reversed my aging. I stopped putting crappy fuel into my body and transformed my mind in a way that propels me to think about my health every single day.”

Helping others embrace healthy living

Today, Dr. Kamilah uses all that she has learned about diet, fitness, and healthy living to give guidance and motivation to those who have reached a crossroads in their lives. She inspires those who realize they don’t have the strength to achieve their dream, encouraging them to take responsibility and start making smart choices for today and for the future.

“Through counseling, I strive to reach out to the hearts of those who need help and encouragement,” Dr. Kamilah shares. “I help those confused, uncertain, and without hope to move forward toward fulfillment, success, and peace.”

Dr. Kamilah’s website provides a wide range of expert advice on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. Those looking for a fresh perspective on everything from living with an autoimmune disease to overcoming the fear of failure to cultivating healthy relationships will find it in her blog. 

Those seeking more personalized guidance can use the website to schedule a counseling appointment with Dr. Kamilah. If you know you need better health, but don’t know how to get there, Dr. Kamilah can get you on the path that allows you to create the future you have been dreaming about.

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