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Live chat for healthcare

Live Chat and New Opportunities for Healthcare

Live chat has been around for a few decades now. But only recently have we started to realize its fullest potential. Live chat for healthcare is one such avenue that has opened new horizons in the online support world.

Today patients expect quick information about their medical problems. They want to search for particular medicine or services conveniently on their laptop. This is where customer communication in healthcare can provide dramatic transformation to businesses.

In the ever-competitive healthcare domain, healthcare providers and companies are increasingly using all-in-one messenger that unites multiple communication channels, including free live chat, to solve patient queries and provide  great customer experience.

Why is Live Chat Better than Phone Support?

Both live chat functionality and phone support provide instant communication channels for patients and medical professionals. But there is quite a huge difference between them. A major difference is the fact that the execution of live chat functionality is more affordable compared to phone support.

Also, a healthcare provider can scale the live chat functionality with the growth of their business. Furthermore, analysing  chat transcripts to gain better understanding of  patients’ preferences  results in more satisfied patients. It can also help to assess the overall quality of your employees work in providing help to customers  in live chat.

Live Chat Applications in Healthcare and Wellness

Here are some practical applications of live chat functionality in healthcare and wellness industries.

Accept bookings

Live chat software is a great tool that allows patients to schedule their next visit to the hospital. It works in the same old way of calling a clinic. However, live chat functionality is much more flexible and less costly for accepting bookings.


As technology has advanced, we now see more and more healthcare providers interacting with  their patients via computer or smartphone. Telemedicine is a concept through which patients can essentially pay a virtual visit to the hospital.

Telemedicine provides lots of benefits, both to patients and a clinic. Here are some of them.

Patients now do not have to physically visit the doctor or sit in the waiting room while not in prime condition. They can see their doctors from anywhere. Virtual visits make it easier to fit your schedule according to your convenience.

Telemedicine gives enough scope for specialist doctors to view your home surroundings. This can be especially helpful when they are trying to diagnose things causing patient allergies. Telemedicine is also known to impact mental health assessment and counseling greatly.

Customer support

Every healthcare wellness service provider knows that approaches work best for their clients. Every company has its own set of mechanisms to retain customers in doubt . The final stages of booking a doctor’s appointment is  when many prospective customers change their minds, especially when their doubts remain unsolved. This is where live chat functionality comes as a saviour.

With the help of live agents, you can provide clarifications, answers, and solutions  to clients’ indecisiveness . This ensures the highest level of conversion rate. It also boosts the satisfaction level of existing customers.

We hope you have understood the practical application of live chat functionality in the healthcare and wellness industry. It is now time to divert our attention towards the different ways to select the right live chat provider in the following paragraphs.

Tips on Choosing Free Live Chat Provider

Here are some tips to help you choose a subtle free live chat provider.

Multilingual support

A free live chat provider will always provide multilingual support so that you can take your healthcare business to the international level. There is no point in adding only one language while interacting with prospective customers. You need to upscale your business to cater to the needs of an international audience. This is where it becomes essential to select a free live chat provider with multilingual support.

Widget customization

Today, potential customers lose interest in things quite quickly. To grab their attention, you must customize the content you wish to show them while using a live chat widget. A good free live chat provider understands this and allows you to edit the widget’s title and agents’ avatars, and so on. These things go a long way in grabbing the attention of your potential customers and contribute to the improvement of an overall conversion rate.

Integrations with social media and messengers

A good live chat provider gives you enough options to integrate with social media and messengers so that there is prompt communication with the customers. At the end of the day, it is all about satisfying your customers’ needs.

Concluding Thoughts

If you are looking for a free live chat provider, look no further than Umnico. It lets you reply to live chat inquiries via other channels and get invaluable customer analytics. This ultimately helps you cater to the needs of your customers in a better way.





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