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Why is Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery Becoming Popular?

The primary objective of cataract surgery Houston is to enable people to see clearly. However, the premium lenses and new lasers makes it possible to attain improved vision. Today, there is the technology available to allow a person to see through distance and up close, and that too without glasses. The laser enables people to experience better, clear vision, at an ongoing basis without glasses. 

Understanding laser-assisted cataract surgery

A cataract takes place when a natural lens of a person’s eyes becomes cloudy. In conventional cataract surgery, the cataract surgeons make use of a small blade that enters in the eye front, and the other make the circular incision on the lens capsule for reaching the cataract. The ultrasound waves break into the cataract, and that gets removed. After that, a new artificial lens gets added to substitute the natural, cloudy lens. 

When it comes to a laser cataract surgery, the eye surgeon makes use of the laser to make an incision along with a lens opening. It helps to create repeatable, reliable and an accurate incision than what the surgeon can do with hand. Today, you can get the necessary help from a trusted ophthalmologist in Fort Myers.

The benefits of laser cataract surgery

  • Accurate vision correction

Most studies have highlighted that accurate dimension and the final 3D map/imaging developed by laser technology led to precise vision repair once the patient is healed. Today, only 10% of the conventional laser surgeries provide successful outcome similar to laser surgery. 

  • Can correct two problems at once

Laser cataract surgery indeed has similarities with Lasik surgery. It comprises of the surgery’s capacity to correct astigmatism, which often gets corrected with a Lasik surgery. And at the time of the same surgery, the eye surgeon can take away the cataract and correct the cornea shape. This mix of the corrected astigmatism along with laser cataract surgery indicates that a person can see better for the next forthcoming years. Also, there is lesser chances of any infection and complications. 

  • A faster time for recovery

The two kinds of cataract surgery come with short recovery times. Hence, it indicates an automatic enhancement of the vision for a few patients. However, it can take up to a few weeks until the optimal vision gets restored. And some people don’t require to wear glasses, barring when they are reading. Since, the laser needs less energy for breaking the cataract, a few patients witness less post-operational corneal swelling. That indicates a faster vision restoration. 

The ophthalmologist’s skill is essential

When you are opting in for a laser cataract surgery, the expertise and experience of the ophthalmologist matter the most. That will decide the outcome of the surgery and whether the patient will have a faster recovery. It is necessary to do your research before you say yes to an ophthalmologist. 

Make sure that your surgeon makes you feel secure and taken care of. The clinic needs to have clean, new-age, and welcoming facilities. Also, you need to check the customer reviews, feedback, and testimonials that suggest positive reviews about an ophthalmologist. That will help you to have faith and confidence in them. 

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