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Humans can unfortunately be hosts to a wide variety of intestinal parasites. Learn how to avoid and treat the most common parasites right here.

Most Common Intestinal Parasites in Humans

What is a parasite?

The parasites are a specific category of organisms that enters into the body of the host for thriving, feeding, and growth. These organisms require the body of the host for meeting their nutritional, growth, and survival requirements.

Intestinal parasites & examples

The intestinal parasites are a division of parasitic beings that thrive specifically into the digestive tract of humans. Some of the common examples of such intestinal parasites include flatworms, roundworms, pinworms, and many others. Such infections are extremely prevalent in developing and under developing countries of the world.

Occurrence of human intestinal parasites

However, they can still occur in some of the industrialized nations of the world for example; the United States. Several symptoms and signs can arise when the body is infected by intestinal worms. The tapeworms, roundworms, pinworms are majorly responsible for causing such illnesses. However, their occurrence is not confined to any specific geographical area but they are known to exist in different parts of the world.

Some of the common intestinal parasites that exist in human body are:


The tapeworms belong to the category of parasites called flatworms. Such types of worms have the shape of a cylinder just like a ribbon & have the capability to grow to an extent of around 80 feet in length. These parasites can thrive inside the human body for up to around 30 years. The spread of such types of parasites takes place through the consumption of contaminated water.

This is because such types of worms contaminate the water by reproducing in it, producing their larvae in substantial concentration. Also, people should avoid eating meat that is not properly cooked or raw. This is because there is a possibility that such food can also be contaminated with tapeworms and they can enter into the body of human beings, invading the digestive tract.

Such worms enter into the intestinal tract of human beings, thrive, grow and reproduce there causing infection and illnesses. Buy Ivermectin online and Ziverdo Kit can help treat viruses.


This is another category of parasites that are actually flatworms. Such types of worms are more commonly occurring in animals in comparison to human beings. However, the major source of its spread is the raw watercress and it is also found to be commonly occurring in the freshwater flora. It is through these sources that the spread of such flukes into the human being takes place.

However, this can also be passed onto the human body through the drinking of contaminated water. It can enter into the body of the human by invading the intestinal tract or can also just invade the body through tissues or even blood. Although several types of flukes are capable of causing the infection. However, there are only certain of them that are capable of growing more than certain inches in dimension.


This is another category of the parasite that thrives and sustains in the intestinal tract of human beings. The shape of such organisms is cylindrical and their existence is in various sizes. The mode of spread of such parasites into the body of the human is through the infected soil or stool in which they produce their eggs or even larvae.

Several of such parasites can also invade the body by taking entrance through the mouth. They can be extremely detrimental to human health and are well known to cause several of the signs that include stomach pain; diarrhea and can also lead to temperature.

Today, roundworms have already impacted quite a significant population of the world, especially in the tropical and subtropical areas, where they are more prevalent. Thus, they are more commonly occurring in the places where poor sanitation practices are administered, where there is a lack of clean drinking water and warm climatic conditions.


Such types of parasites invade the intestinal tract of humans by attaching in a hook-like manner. The hookworms enter the body of human beings by growing into feces or even through the infected soil. Thus, if an individual is walking on the soil without wearing the footwear that has been contaminated by the hookworm larvae, then the body will get contaminated as they will enter through the skin area.

As far as the size of the hookworms is concerned, they can grow to around 1/2 inches in length. However, the parasites are invading the small intestinal tract of humans, sustaining and causing several illnesses.


It is a type of parasitic infection that takes place by the growth of the organism known as Cystoisospora belli. This is another type of parasite which is affecting the small intestinal tract of human beings, especially invading the epithelial cellular region. The type of infection is prevalent in almost all parts of the world.

However, the good thing is that Hydroxychloroquine  200 mg can be prevented and also be cured through the proper diagnosis and treatment. The mode of its transmission is contaminated feces.

Diagnosis and treatment

A thorough diagnosis and appropriate treatment plan are required for curing the patient and also for avoiding any sort of further problems. The health care practitioner may prescribe some sort of antiparasitic medications or some other appropriate therapeutic remedy for getting rid of such parasitic infection. careprost used to cure glaucoma . if you suffer from an eye itching problem.

At first glance, the intestinal worm infection seems to be extremely scary; however, with the proper diagnosis and therapeutic procedures; it is possible to get rid of this problem permanently.

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