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Are you tired of your boring skincare routine? You're in luck! Hyram has the best skincare products just for you! Check out the top items you can use today!

Skincare by Hyram: Have your own glow up with these products

With vaccines underway, we’re getting closer & closer to ditching our COVID-19 masks and investing in face masks, cleansers, and every other skincare product that will make our faces glow. It’s about time that we start paying attention to the incredible YouTuber Hyram. 

Hyram is not just a skincare fanatic – he also promotes self-love & self-care in the most important way. Who doesn’t want to feel good and look good at the same time? Thankfully, with multiple reviews of skincare products, we’ve got Hyram’s top takes for our next shopping spree. 

“Face Mask Friday”

Not like we needed another reason to love Fridays, but thanks to Hyram it’s definitely the best day of the week. According to Cosmopolitan, Hyram has brought face masks to a whole new level with his Instagram live series called: “Face Mask Fridays”. 

Yes ladies & gents, Hyram’s Instagram series means that every Friday the YouTuber is & will provide his expertise on amazing skincare brands such as The Ordinary and the infamous CeraVe. Let’s see what other skincare brands have been loved by the internet star. 

Clarifying kit

We all enjoy a good spot remover, but have you tried a spot clarifying kit by Zitsticka? Well, Hyram loves it so much he explained that it doesn’t just work for those eye spots you’ve tried to remove with homemade remedies or extra sleep, but with top ingredients like “niacinamide” & “liquorice” it’s bound to help. 

As noted by Cosmopolitan, Hyram explained that Zitsticka won’t just “soothe the skin, but this skincare product prevent scarring afterwards.” You can purchase a glamorous pack of eight for $29 or a pack of four for $16 from Ulta Beauty. 

Not just a masque

It’s always a struggle finding the perfect masque, but thanks to Hyram’s recommendation, The Ordinary’s salicylic acid two-percent masque is worth a try. Hyram explained that it’s the “bomb for spot treatments”. 

Hyram assured fans who may be worried about the application process: “You can apply it all over your entire face, but I prefer applying it directly to spots.” With the low price of $12 on The Ordinary’s website, we’ll take two! 

Hydration cleanser

We know it’s good to always be hydrated. In fact, most people we know carry a water bottle around. But did you know your face needs just as much hydration? Hyam explained that the skin molecular silk amino hydrating cleanser by Allies Of Skin, will be the best thing you could do for your skin if it’s needing that extra shine. For $38 at Revolve, you can enjoy the benefits in no time! 

Hyram praised the skincare product: “Such a good brand, I really like their ethics, they’re awesome. I’ve been using this a lot over the past month and I really like it.” 

Sunscreen vs face cream

Let’s be real, sunburn is terrible, but getting hit by the sun on your face is even worse. Luckily, Hyram recommended the soft airy uv essence spf50 by Dear Klairs. Hyram confessed that he loves this skincare product over other spf products. He confessed: “I will be honest, mineral sunscreens tend to be a little bit on the heavier side.”

The “non-greasy” product by Dear Klairs is reportedly “super lightweight” and will provide you with that spf50 protection from the sun’s rays. So your skin will look good and will get protected. At only $23.24 on ebay, sounds like a perfect deal! 


According to Teen Vogue, Hyram recently reviewed Emma Chamberlain’s skincare routine and actually gave us some great tips about shampoo and it’s great alternative use. Hyram told fans that Nizoral’s Anti Dandruff Shampoo could be used as a face mask to treat “fungal acne” instead of other harsh products. And you can actually purchase this product for $14.89 at your nearby Target. Mind blowing, right?

What do you think of Hyram’s top skincare products to make us feel fabulous? Let us know in the comments below. 

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