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How One Women Tapped into Her African Roots to Treat Chronic Eczema

Mimaani Organics Skincare was created with a mother’s love and a woman’s knowledge. Founded by a registered nurse, chronic care manager, and mother as a response to her daughter’s skin condition, the brand was born from looking back at the African cures of generations. 

“After my tireless search for topical ointments to address my daughter’s eczema, my mother, who lives in Ghana, reminded me of the power of shea butter. It has been used in my family as a moisturizer for generations. This led me to try shea butter and discover its life-changing benefits. After seeing the benefits of shea butter, I knew I had to share it with mothers everywhere!,” says Mimaami Organics CEO Mildred Agbana, R.N., M.B.A. Appropriately, “Mimaami” means “my mother” in the Twi language of Ghana. 

How Mimaami’s Products Can Help You 

Mimaani Organics Skincare has a goal of treating and alleviating skin problems that many people around the world suffer from, including eczema, psoriasis, dry skin, dry hands, and stretch marks. This authentic African brand produces a range of organic skincare products with favorites including fragrance free body shea moisturizer and organic African black soap – all ethically sourced from Ghana, where women-led cooperatives are responsible for collecting and refining the shea nut. 

The brand has recently unveiled its Skincare Inspired by Heritage to embrace its roots and continue to uplift Sub-Saharan women through economic empowerment. This rich and bold new brand identity and products pay homage to African culture, heritage, and legacy. Launching just in time for the 2022 holiday season, new products include a line of imported nutrient-rich body oils: argan oil, baobab oil, moringa oil, marula oil, a belly butter, and African black soap face wash and body wash. The new line will provide hydration and nourishment for customers in new forms and build brand awareness with expecting and new mom segments.

Adinkra symbols and patterns are beautifully illustrated in the logo and packaging, conveying the essence of mother earth: natural, sustainable, and with healing properties using the power of shea nut.

Mimaani’s Dedication to Social Responsibility 

The brand is committed to re-investing in these women in many ways, including teaching best practices in sustainability and entrepreneurship and leveraging their collective talents with communities worldwide. 

With the notion that she has been enriched by her culture and nourished by the love surrounding her, Mildred founded a new social project aptly named the “Mimaami Mother & Child Health Fund.” The fund will donate and distribute 5% of all profits to maternal and child health initiatives in Ghana, as well as women empowerment. This is only one of the social initiatives the company has initiated, and also includes the Ghana Project and the Pacsung Cooperative in Tamale, Ghana.  

The Ghana Project seeks to protect women in the rural areas of Ghana, and is in the process of constructing a Modern Shea Processing Center which supports more than 105 women through effective training and progress monitoring. The initiative also focuses on training and empowerment in picking and producing best quality products to satisfy both local and international markets, safety from environmental hazards, and environmental sustainability so that the women are able to generate an income throughout the year as well as protect the natural environment long-term. 

Mimaami engages in a fair-trade partnership with the women in charge of the Pacsung Cooperative who are enabled to buy food, medicine, and send their children to school. As the company grows, so too does the opportunity for financial betterment for the women producing the shea butter. 

See what’s on offer 

The official launch date is November 10, 2022, and includes the unveiling of a new website. A launch party and pop-up shop will welcome both new and loyal customers in an even more personal way this season. The event will be held on Thursday, November 10th, at 4 Manhattan Avenue in New Rochelle, NY. A Mimaami shea beauty bar station will provide guests with the option to create custom shea butters. 

For inquiries, interview requests, booking requests, including sample requests, or to RSVP for the private launch celebration, please send an email to Mildred Agbana at

Mimaami Organics is available for purchase at and Amazon.

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