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FOSOO NOV is rocking the world of oral hygiene with their new electric toothbrush. Find out what the brush does and what all the buzz is about.

Why Do You Need To Get For FOSOO NOV Electric Brush

With the emergence of the digital era, industries are caving their way through technology for efficient, cost-effective and easy use of the product. In the universe of the brush industry, FOSOO is an oral brand, helping people to change the world with their fresh smiles.

Among various FOSOO oral care products, FOSOO NOV electric brush gives gentle yet proper cleansing through its sonic speed bristles. This high scrubbing speed gives sonic brushes an advantage over electric brushes and is the perfect example of modern technology. Its sleek design and high durability make it perfect for its use.

Color of your choice

FOSOO electric brushes range in a vast variety of attractive colors. Each colour is unique in its attractiveness and gives new look to your cupboard or sink. NOV comes in black, pink, and blue colors. These colors give fascinating look in hybrid with metallic lusters and beautiful design.


Like any FOSOO electric brush, NOV has two main parts, head and body. There is an additional head case that comes along the head, used to protect bristles. Relative to other body which is made of metal, bristles are relatively soft and fragile. This head case acts as a protector and limits the damage to bristles and enhances its usage duration.

  • Replaceable head:

“I have to buy a new brush for different functioning” Well no! The head in NOV can be removed and replaced with another which comes in packing for free. This replaceable head has two parts; one is bristling while the other is a scraper.

Surprise! You don’t have to but a scraper either. Bristle with sonic speed gives effective cleansing to your tooth and scraper keeps your tongue debris free.


All FOSOO electric brushes have a body of metal made by the alloy of zinc give a high resistance to corrosion, strength and unique protection from water.


  • Dentist like clean

NOV being a sonic electric brush is designed to give cleansing that matches the one you get in the clinic from a dentist. NOV gives you proper cleaning, saves money and time you spend on your appointments…

  • 3 Months performance

Once fully charged battery can work for three months (90 days) without recharging. NOV has

1200mAh Li-ion installed within and can be recharged.

  • 38000 vibrations per minute

The bristles of NOV vibrates at the speed of 38000 vibrations per minute which gives better yet gentle cleansing compare to electric brush. This high motion and design of bristles is the reason for the better removal of plaque.

  • Vibration-free body:

Though the bristles are vibrating at high speed, metal focuses all of these vibrations at the centre of the head which gives a very little vibration to the body. This enables effective and easy cleaning.


  • Digital OLED:

FOSOO electric brushes are being innovated day by day. A unique OLED display has been introduced in NOV electric brush as a replacement of old light indications which gives it a cool look and digitalized functioning.

  • Sleep level noise:

FOSOO oral care products don’t only focus only on mouth cleansing but look after some other serious issues. The noise produced by electric equipment is highly irritating but NOV gives a very low noise which is less than 60dB.

  • Useful brushing modes

NOV comes with three useful brushing modes cleaning, whitening and gum care. NOV can record your most frequently used mode in its memory chips. This record helps you in selecting the mode of your taste.

  • Variable intensity

Soft gums require delicate care, NOV gives three intensity options high, medium and low. Depending upon your gum condition you can choose the intensity of your choice.

  • Bristle

NOV has one additional type of bristles which are present in the third head. Sensitive toothbrushes have two types of bristles one is blue coloured and the other is round tip soft bristle. Blue bristles are an indicator for replacement and soft bristles are for sensitive gums.

  • Waterproof

What is the biggest fear of electric appliances, getting wet? NOV is insulated by IPX7, which gives you free hand to use in or out of water. You can take it in the washroom, can place it near the sink or even can take it with you in the bathtub.

  • Scraper

Scraper is used to remove debris from the tongue and keep your breath fresh. Electric brushes usually don’t have a scraper however NOV gives two in one option, there are bristles on one side and a scraper on the other side of the head.

  • Non-heavy

Exquisite design, innovative body, stylish colour and zinc alloy body but weigh only 160g, we have got all features in NOV. This lightweight is thanks to its alloy nature which also gives high durability.

  • Wireless Charger

When you have a battery that can last for 3 months if charged once you have to worry less about the charger. However, even then NOV gives you a wireless magnetic charger plate, enables you to charge the battery anywhere within range of radiations.

With each passing day, FOSOO is improving its product through extensive research and endless efforts. This research covers the oral cavity, its needs and new techniques for proper removal of plaque and debris. Producing high-quality products that meet standards of toothbrush is our priority at FOSOO, which connect us with the user and establish trust.

FOSOO products are designed to help people not only giving a bright shine to their teeth but make them stronger for long time (Changing the world one smile at a time).

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